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The Green Industry Conference (GIC) is PLANET‘s largest event of the year. But, what makes it a must-attend event? Is it the educational sessions; the show floor and hands-on, outdoor demonstration area; the networking opportunities; or all of the above? Each is important in its own right, but nothing beats that one-on-one, face-to-face time with colleagues and seasoned industry veterans and experts. Whether it be at Breakfast With Champions, walking to or from a session or the exhibit floor, at receptions, or even during the entertainment at Fourth Street Live!, there are numerous opportunities for peer-to-peer networking.


This year, we’ll introduce yet another networking opportunity. On Wednesday, October 26, the first day of GIC, PLANET will be conducting a few, small community service projects, PLANET Gives Back, in Downtown Louisville. This is an opportunity for staff, members, and the community to work together and strengthen relationships while enhancing areas of our host city. We also will be introducing PLANET’s new specialty group, the Irrigation & Water Management. There’ll be roundtable sessions with PLANET’s Trailblazers – kind of like a round of speed dating. You have the chance to fire off questions that have been making you scratch your head, and get answers from the people who have already faced and dealt with many of the challenges you’re facing.

We urge you to take advantage of peer-to-peer networking. It is an essential part of your education. And, I hope you join us in Louisville in October for a “time to grow”! For more information on GIC and to register visit