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What You Need to Know to Stay Certified

If you took the next step in your personal and professional growth path by earning the Landscape Industry Certified designation or other industry certifications, you’re to be applauded for your initiative and achievement.

Like you, I found that pursuing certification was a challenge but well worth the effort. I have been rewarded many times over for earning two of NALP’s seven certification designations – the Lawn Care Manager and the Horticultural Technician. NALP even captured me on video chatting about the benefits of certification.

Maintaining Your Certification is Just as Important
And as much as becoming certified is a major achievement, maintaining your credential is essential. Demonstrating your knowledge and skills is a lifelong pursuit, and underscores that your passing exam score is refreshed and current through continuing education. As a landscape professional, you must remain in a roundabout of ongoing career learning to stay on top of your game.

Certification maintenance demonstrates your commitment to continuing competence ― not only at the time of initial certification, but throughout the advancement of your career.

Recertification is a mainstay of a quality certification program. NALP offers a recertification center where you learn about continuing education units (CEUs), and offers online and print processes to easily maintain your credential.

How to Renew Your Certification
After passing an NALP certification exam, you are required to renew your certification every two years with 24 CEUs. You can achieve this by completing professional development activities, and volunteering your time to service projects or committees that are landscape industry or job related.

This includes conferences, webinars, reading, and other pursuits as outlined on the recertification requirements menu. It is not difficult to reach 24 CEUs to maintain your Landscape Industry Certified status over a two-year period. Most people will have well over this amount though they only need to report 24 CEUs to recertify.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT –  16 Credits Minimum                           

  • Continuing Education – All NALP  Education Programs Qualify
  • College Courses (Non-credit or Credit)
  • Pesticide License Completion or Renewal
  • Reading, Writing, Presenting

SERVICE (Volunteer) – 8 Credits Max

  • Volunteer at a Technician-Exterior Test Site
  • Serve on a Board or Committee
  • Community Outreach
  • Teaching or Presenting

Visit the Recertification Center for more details on acquiring re-certification credits.

 Skip Thompson, Landscape Industry Certified, Tidewater Landscape Management, Columbus, Ga., is the Chair of the International Certification Council.

National Association of Landscape Professionals

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