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NALP’s Trailblazer Program Rebranded as NAVIGATE

NALP’s Trailblazer Mentoring Program is being expanded and it is also getting a new name as well. Moving forward, the mentoring program will be known as NAVIGATE.

“Don’t worry, our Trailblazers haven’t gone anywhere,” says Corey Ruple, AVP, membership and database operations for NALP. “NAVIGATE mentors are our industry Trailblazers. These are an elite group of industry leaders who bring years of lawn and landscape experience. They have proven track records of success and are willing to share this experience with other NALP members.”

This newly redesigned business coaching and mentoring program allows members to choose a path that best fits their needs and schedule.

The traditional in-person mentoring path includes a 6-8 hour in-person visit to the Trailblazer’s facility. They will share experiences and feedback regarding technical knowledge, organizational relationships, operational processes, and tips for success.

The new virtual mentoring option includes 4-6 hours of video conferencing and an express walkthrough of company processes.

The third path is flash business coaching that consists of 1-2 hours of meeting time with the potential to speak with more than one Trailblazer, depending on your area or areas of interest.

If you are interested in finding the right Trailblazer to work with, there is an online directory where you can view the full list of mentors as well as their online profiles.

“Their profile includes the number of years they have been in the industry, areas of focus, and a short biography,” Ruple says. “Our membership team is also happy to assist in helping you find the right Trailblazer.”

If you can’t decide between the three options, Ruple says members are welcome to explore all three path types in one year. However, NALP does have a limited number of Trailblazers available.

NAVIGATE is not limited to companies of a certain size or to those who have never used the program. Every company, no matter how large or small, can participate and learn from an industry expert.

“Just as our businesses and careers evolve over time, so do our needs,” Ruple says. “Exploring the opportunity to be partnered with someone who has been there before and willing to guide you is always a great idea.”

For those who have always been interested in mentoring, but were uncertain about the time commitment, you can select to participate in NAVIGATE at any capacity you choose.

“NALP is simply grateful for their time and willingness to coach and mentor other members of the association,” Ruple says.

To learn more about NAVIGATE, click here.

Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the senior content manager for NALP.