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NALP Forms H2B Advisory Committee

With the continuing challenges brought by the H-2B guest worker program and long-term systemic changes needed in the operation of the visa program, NALP has created an advisory committee to oversee the association’s strategic leadership of this policy priority.

The leadership team includes:
Tim Portland, Chair (Yellowstone)
Bob Grover (Pacific Landscape Management)
Shayne Newman (Yard Apes)
Hank Wilson (Sunscape Landscaping)
Todd Chambers (Brightview)

Committee members include:
Chris Lee (Earth Works)
John McMahon (ALCC)
Josh Denison (Denison)
Maurice Dowell (Dowco Enterprises, Inc.)
Mike Bogan (Landcare)
Ralph Egues (NHLA)
Sandy Munley (OLNA)

These members will work with NALP’s staff team and policy experts on best options to encourage the release of additional visas authorized by Congress and more permanent reform. NALP is grateful for the leadership these men and women are providing to navigate through the complex process.