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Moasure ONE: Revolutionizing the Green Industry

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Almost a year after exhibiting at the inaugural ELEVATE show, Moasure ONE continues to transform the green industry worldwide.


Accurate measurements and estimates can make or break successful and profitable landscaping projects. Traditional measuring tools have long been the go-to for professionals, but with advancements in technology, a new player has entered the scene: Moasure ONE.

This innovative device is reshaping the way contractors and designers approach measuring and estimating, offering a versatile, efficient, and accurate solution for projects of all kinds and sizes. In this article, we delve into the features, benefits, and applications of Moasure ONE and how the tool is transforming the landscaping industry.

Moasure ONE Unveiled

Moasure ONE is a groundbreaking measuring tool that stands apart from its conventional counterparts by utilizing cutting-edge technology in new ways. Unlike traditional measuring tools, Moasure ONE uses motion-sensing technology to measure distances, elevations, and angles using accelerometers and gyroscopes. This unique approach eliminates the need for line-of-sight, making it ideal for complex spaces where the use of traditional tools is either difficult or impossible.

Moasure ONE’s core technology lies in its ability to accurately capture motion and convert it into accurate measurements. This makes it a versatile tool for capturing not only linear distances but also angles, areas, and elevation.

Landscaping professionals will appreciate the user-friendly nature of the Moasure ONE. The device connects to a mobile app, available on both Android and iOS platforms, which communicates with the device using Bluetooth technology. Users can simply select the desired measurement type and follow on-screen prompts to obtain accurate measurements quickly and effortlessly.

Moasure ONE offers an array of measurement path types, catering to the diverse needs of landscapers. This gives users the ability to measure simple straight lines and even around a curved, irregular shape such as a pool. The ability to switch between measurement path types seamlessly throughout a single measurement makes the device an indispensable tool for capturing various dimensions in outdoor spaces.

In addition to real-time measurements, the Moasure PRO smartphone app provides instant calculations for areas and elevation changes based on the measurement data obtained. This streamlines the planning process for landscaping projects, enabling professionals to make informed decisions with more accuracy.

Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor work, the Moasure ONE boasts a robust construction that can withstand dust, moisture, and occasional drops. This durability ensures its reliability in challenging weather conditions, making it a reliable companion for landscaping tasks regardless of the environment.

Landscaping professionals can conveniently transfer the measurements they’ve obtained using the device directly into their preferred software or project management systems. This integration streamlines the design and planning process, allowing measurements to be seamlessly incorporated into CAD software, design programs, or other tools that landscapers rely on. This feature not only saves time but also ensures consistency and accuracy throughout the entire project lifecycle, from initial planning to final execution. Completed measurements can be exported to scaled PDF, DXF, CSV, and a variety of image formats. This capability transforms Moasure ONE from a standalone device into an essential component in a landscaper’s comprehensive toolkit, enhancing collaboration, accuracy, and efficiency.

Trusted by Professionals

Just over 4 years after the first orders for Moasure ONE were shipped and put to the test by industry experts, the tool has gone on to cement itself as a must-have tool for professionals in a wide variety of industries, including landscaping and hardscaping, artificial grass, concrete, construction, playgrounds and recreation, irrigation, outdoor living – and that list is getting longer.

Moasure ONE users report benefits such as:

  • Better accuracy in estimates
  • Dramatic time and cost savings
  • A more professional image during customer visits

Continuous improvements and updates to the Moasure PRO app, driven by customer feedback, give landscaping professionals new ways to interact with and enhance their measurements and diagrams, including the ability to add a satellite image background to better visualize projects and add labels to points of interest.

Industry professionals are encouraged to meet the team and experience a live demonstration of Moasure ONE by visiting Booth 1506 at NALP’s ELEVATE in Dallas next week.

Order Moasure ONE or learn more about the revolutionary measuring tool by visiting

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