Last week, 100 meetings with Congress Regarding H-2B

On November 2, 2017 landscape professionals and employers representing other seasonal businesses joined forces to advocate for H-2B cap relief. The event resulted in over 100 meetings with key members of Congress. During the meetings, Representatives, Senators, and their staff heard directly from seasonal business owners about the real world implications of the H-2B cap.

The day was kicked-off by Ohio Congressman Steve Chabot who addressed the gathering of over 200 participants and provided an update on H-2B related discussions and legislation. Chabot also praised the group for their consistent calls for relief and underscored the importance of constituent involvement in the advocacy process. Congressman Chabot chairs the House Small Business Committee, is a long-time H-2B champion, and is the primary sponsor of H.R. 2004, H-2B reform legislation that is commonly known as the Season Act.

NALP is urging members who rely on the H-2B program for seasonal workforce needs to continue to advocate the need for immediate cap-relief and long term program reform. In addition to emails, social media outreach, and phone calls, we recommend members reach out to their Congress person’s local offices to schedule an in-district meeting. If interested, contact Paul Mendelsohn for assistance.