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Landscape Spending Sets Records

Americans are spending more on gardening today than ever before.
Americans are spending more on gardening today than ever before.

Some might say gardening is something enjoyed only by the older, wealthier retiree.

Today’s research proves that is not the case, according to Garden Research’s 2018 National Gardening Survey. In fact, the group found more American households are gardening today (77 percent) than ever before, and increasingly that gardener is much younger.

Landscape Spending is Up

First, let’s talk about landscape spending.

This year, American gardeners set a record spending amount of $47.8 billion in lawn and garden retail purchases. This includes everything from bulbs to outdoor furniture, Garden Research reports.

The average household set a spending record of $503, which is up nearly $100 over the previous year.

Who Are They?

While older consumers (over 35-years-old) make up 35 percent of gardeners, those between the ages of 18- to 34-years-old set a record high, making up 29% of all gardening households. Males in the 18- to 34-year-old age group, specifically, increased participation in lawn and garden activities (from 23 percent in 2016 to 27 percent in 2017).

“From small beginnings with a succulent here and a houseplant there, the under 35s are now truly engaged in the full range of gardening activities,” explains industry analyst Ian Baldwin, who participated in the Garden Research survey. “It’s a strong sign that they are finally ‘in.”

What Are They Buying?

When we take a closer look at what gardeners are spending these extra dollars on, container gardening and landscaping are the two categories that set new highs in sales, Garden Research reveals. “More consumers are choosing not to dig holes in their leisure times,” Baldwin says. “If they have the finances, they are investing in raised beds.”

Indoor gardening is also making what Baldwin calls “a big comeback” with 30 percent of all households buying at least one houseplant, bringing more of the outdoors into their homes.

What is the younger gardener spending their money on? “Knowledge,” Baldwin says. “Rather than getting glossy, coffee-table books, many of these gardeners [want] gardening apps and information from gardening websites.”

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