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Landscape Industry Takes Up Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

This week, our Association held a diversity and inclusion discussion, via Zoom, with a wide range of NALP members, volunteer leaders, staff, and stakeholders. Due to space limitations, we weren’t able to invite all NALP members. However, we expect this to be the beginning of an industry-wide discussion about how we can be proactive about encouraging and supporting greater diversity in our leadership, association membership, and the industry as a whole.

During the discussion, the group touched on ways to reach out to new minority industry groups; tell the stories of diverse industry professionals; develop strategies to welcome new people into leadership roles in NALP; and help companies create pathways for advancement for minority employees.

NALP groups, including the Women in Landscape Network, the Young Professionals and African Americans in Landscape groups, and the National Hispanic Landscape Alliance, are catalysts to help the industry create working environments that attract and retain professionals of all races and genders.

NALP exists to serve its membership and advance the industry. We excel when we have substantial input and participation from members, as we’ve had recently on the critical issue of increasing diversity within NALP. We look forward in the weeks and months ahead to working as a group to make change happen!

3 thoughts on “Landscape Industry Takes Up Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

  1. This is exactly what we need to embrace the future and growth in our industry. I am energized by this. Please let me know if I can help. I am currently on the NALP Landscapes Committee and the Latino Relations Committee for ILCA.

  2. I would love these conversations to extend and include everyone in NALP. Are yall planning on having more workshops and webinars on inclusion and diversity in the future?

    1. Thank you for your interest! We do plan on having diversity and inclusion sessions in the future on different platforms.

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