What I've learned about the landscape business from my dad: the Kuperus edition - The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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What I've learned about the landscape business from my dad: the Kuperus edition

For Father’s Day, as part of our #NALPStories series, we talked to Miles Kuperus III about what he’s learned by working with his dad, Miles Kuperus, Jr., at Farmside Landscape and Design in Sussex, N.J.


Brought up in the business

Through working with my dad, I have learned quite a bit, but the most useful thing I have learned is that the customer is always number one. Coming out of school I knew that this was important, but once I got into the “trenches,” then the reality of customer service really hit home.

Second, I’ve learned to always maintain focus on the larger picture. There is no sense doing business unless you have a plan of action.

Third, my dad has shared lessons on training and quality control. My dad has taught me tons about the importance of training and keeping quality control in line with company standards.

I’ve been working with my dad since I was 10 (riding in the skid steer doesn’t count), but I officially joined on last year. While there was no pressure from home to join the business, many people outside the business expected me to work for him. But we work well together, especially when we have to get the job done, or when there is a meeting and there are overarching strategies that need to be talked about.

Like father like son?

Our similarities are that we care about the community, feel the need for quality, and treat people right.

Our differences are that he can be way more headstrong than me, which is not a bad thing. If he needs to get something done, he will get it done. For me, I’m a bit more laid back and easygoing.

I catch myself acting like my dad when I want a job done and say “quick do this,” but really it’s more like a half-hour task.


The best thing my dad has taught me?
Always maintain your values and integrity. Never deviate from your core values when tough decisions come around.

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