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Introducing Your New Force for Nature: Voices for Healthy Green Spaces (VHGS)

In this ever-changing world, we must proactively speak up for our interests. That’s why we’ve launched a new advocacy community, Voices for Healthy Green Spaces (VHGS).

Changing times present new challenges as well as new opportunities for landscape and lawn care professionals. Our $98 billion industry continues to grow exponentially every year with new companies, new employees, and new clients. With this growth, it is of the utmost importance to share with the world the good work and value of our profession. Each and every one of our industry members contributes to economic growth, achieving community sustainability goals, and protecting public health and safety, all while ensuring that nature remains accessible to everyone in new and innovative ways. 

Of course, we know this – but does everyone else?

The voices of our industry members, as well as our most loyal consumers, can help tell our industry’s story and shape the public’s perception of what we do. Not only this, but our collective voice can help support the future of our industry by spreading awareness and garnering support for key policy issues. We understand there is power in numbers when it comes to protecting the future of the landscape industry.

Creating a National Community

We are partnering with a top national public advocacy firm to help us build a nationwide network of advocates made up of industry professionals, clients, and anyone who cares about the green spaces closest to them. Voices for Healthy Green Spaces supporters strive to educate themselves, policymakers, and the general public on the important work of the industry and ensure policies that affect our local green spaces are based on science and reflect informed best practices.

Our mission? To elevate the voices of the industry and the communities it serves, and to ensure people have access to accurate information on a range of important issues. We can move the needle if everyone in the industry participates. Our voices are stronger when we work together—and that’s why yours matters.

We hope you’ll consider joining us and adding your voice to our efforts. You’ll be hearing much more about VHGS in the coming months. In the meantime, visit the community’s website and sign up to become a force for nature today: