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Innovator Series: Milwaukee Tool Leads Battery-Powered Innovation for Outdoor Power Equipment

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Milwaukee Tool is the industry leader in cordless innovation and is committed to delivering innovative solutions that increase productivity and unmatched durability for the trades. Working side-by-side with landscape and forestry professionals has provided an understanding of the requirements for performance, durability, and ergonomics. This time investment allows them to deliver disruptive innovation that leads to safer, more productive work sites, unhindered by the hassles of gas.


Unparalleled levels of design, engineering, and innovation gave MILWAUKEE® the ability to take significant leaps forward with their exclusive batteries, motors, and electronics. The development of their M12 and M18 FUEL™ technology allowed them to offer intelligent and more powerful solutions that adapt to meet a user’s application and shattered expectations of what is possible with a battery-powered tool.


In 2017, Milwaukee introduced their first outdoor power equipment solutions: the M18 FUEL™ String Trimmer, M18 FUEL™ Hedge Trimmer, and M18 FUEL™ Blower. Leveraging M18 FUEL™ technology, this line-up of battery-powered equipment delivered the best combination of power and run-time to outperform the competition. Today, Milwaukee has expanded their line-up to offer over 20 outdoor power equipment solutions across both M12™ and M18™ platforms, providing sustainable, high-performance solutions for the landscape and forestry professionals, including a lawn mower, chainsaw, and attachment system.

The M18 FUEL™ 21” Self-Propelled Dual Battery Mower is an example of how M18 FUEL™ technology and advanced engineering lead to a solution that meets the demands of the landscape professional. Harnessing the power of Milwaukee’s POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor, the mower delivers more max torque than a 200cc gas engine with a best-in-class cut quality so users can tackle the most demanding mowing applications. The REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence provides an instantaneous throttle response for blade and drive motors, increasing control and productivity. The M18 FUEL™ 21” Self-Propelled Dual Battery Mower brings innovation and industry-leading performance to battery-powered lawn mowers and is a true testament to Milwaukee’s focus on investing in game-changing technology that truly delivers breakthrough solutions for users.


Throughout the United States, there has been an increase in requirements to use low noise and emission-free equipment in municipalities, homeowners’ associations, hospitals, resorts, and businesses. Battery-operated equipment offers solutions that are fully compliant with these emerging regulations. Even when operating in non-regulated areas, battery-powered equipment creates substantially less noise output than gas engines, allowing operators to start work earlier and decrease their exposure to continuous high noise levels. Gas solutions require users to perform frequent engine maintenance – such as replacing spark plugs, recoil starters, air filters, and carburetors – whereas battery-operated equipment requires no engine maintenance. Other frustrations associated with gas-powered equipment, such as exhaust fumes blowing in the operator’s face or heat build-up on the engine are non-issues with battery-powered equipment.


There are a lot of advantages for landscape maintenance companies to start investing in battery-powered equipment, but not all manufacturers can give professionals the performance and capability they need. As a world leader in battery-powered solutions, Milwaukee is committed to developing high-performance, sustainable solutions for landscape maintenance and forestry professionals.

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Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the senior content manager for NALP.