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Innovator Series: Milwaukee Tool Discusses Battery Power and Chainsaws

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How does Milwaukee Tool strive to stay innovative?

Milwaukee Tool understands that to provide professionals with the best possible solutions to meet their needs day in and day out, we must continue to innovate, continue to develop, and deliver the best possible solutions using the best technology available. Fueling our determination to drive disruptive innovation are the users on the job, through which Milwaukee can understand the demands of professionals, dedicating hundreds of hours every year to working alongside them.

Where do you see battery power headed in the next five years?

In recent years, we have seen an increase in professionals looking towards battery-powered equipment to be their primary solution. While there are several motivating factors behind this shift, including the ease of use and improved productivity that these products can provide to users, battery-powered equipment must also meet the demanding requirements of professionals for a seamless transition on the job site. We expect this trend to continue, increasing the amount of professionals switching to battery-operated equipment on the job in the near future.

What innovations does Milwaukee Tool’s batteries offer?

Milwaukee became the first company in the industry to introduce LITHIUM-ION technology to power tools. This groundbreaking achievement in battery technology launched the M18™ Cordless System, a platform focused on solutions that are performance driven and innovations that are trade focused, all while being compatible on one system. In the years following, we created a new space in the professional power tool market with the M12™ system by challenging manual applications and traditional hand tools into advanced workhorses powered by their innovative batteries, motors, and electronics. Unparalleled levels of design and engineering have given us the ability to take significant leaps forward with our REDLITHIUM™ batteries, which feature world-class cell technology to deliver the highest performing packs on the jobsite. A unique patented design ensures our batteries can withstand harsh jobsite environments, while the robust electronics package monitors the cells to protect and optimize performance for every tool and battery combination.

What features make Milwaukee Tool’s chainsaws stand out from other battery-powered saws on the market?

As a longtime industry leader in battery technology, Milwaukee Tool understands what it takes to combine batteries, motors, and electronics to deliver disruptive innovation. Working side-by-side with landscape and forestry professionals for hundreds of hours every year has provided an understanding of the requirements for performance, durability, and ergonomics. This relentless dedication provides the insight needed for developing solutions that make chainsaw users safer and more productive. With this added perspective, Milwaukee’s chainsaws can deliver a professionally demanded feature set that users have come to demand from a chainsaw, such as on-board scrench storage, metal bar nuts, metal bucking spikes, automatic oiling systems, and an easy-access chain tensioning system.

What is REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence and what does it do?

REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence is an advanced system of power tool electronics that optimize performance by providing a full circle of communication between the tool, battery, and charger. These advanced communication features ensure maximum performance by enabling a continuous flow of information and internal communication allows the tool to run at ideal conditions in a wide variety of applications. Best-in-class thermal and overload monitoring offer unmatched protection in extreme jobsite conditions while advanced technology delivers an instantaneous throttle response, providing the professional user with ultimate control and increased productivity.

What pain points do Milwaukee Tool’s new chainsaws solve?

Milwaukee’s new battery-powered chainsaws deliver a revolutionary solution for users as it eliminates the compromise many professionals currently face between dealing with the headaches of gas chainsaws or leveraging battery-operated solutions that do not meet their demanding performance needs. The advanced electronic packages Milwaukee offers enable the saw to reach full throttle in under one second with a single trigger pull, eliminating the hassle of pull-starting a gas saw, significantly increasing user productivity. Milwaukee’s chainsaws also allow for safer jobsites as they create substantially less noise output, protecting the operators from continuous exposure to high noise levels and enabling better communication. They also eliminate exhaust, so users do not have to deal with emissions blowing into their face or heat build-up on exhaust port. Similarly, when using gas solutions, it is common to replace spark plugs, recoil starters, air filters, and carburetors leading to frequent engine maintenance, whereas battery-operated equipment requires no engine maintenance.

What makes the M18 Fuel Top Handle Chainsaw able to cut faster that 35cc gas models?

Unparalleled levels of design, engineering, and innovation in battery motors and electronics give the M18 FUEL™ Top Handle Chainsaw the ability to take significant leaps forward from the battery solutions available today and drive the performance levels beyond that of a 35cc small gas engine. With FUEL™ technology, our new Top Handle Chainsaw tackles demanding hardwood applications where it can power through cuts without stalling or bogging to complete cuts faster than 35cc gas. Other competitive battery-operated chainsaws struggle in such demanding hardwood applications, forcing many professionals to leverage gas-powered products despite setbacks. The M18 FUEL ™ Top Handle Chainsaw will be the first to deliver the performance required by the professional, without the headaches of gas.

What misconceptions do you think landscape professionals have about battery-powered chainsaws?

It is often assumed that gas-powered chainsaws are the only option to tackle demanding applications, giving professional users the power and run-time they need to complete a full-day’s work. However, Milwaukee Tool is a leader in battery-powered technology and understands what it takes to combine batteries, motors, and electronics to deliver disruptive innovation.

What tasks are battery-powered saws best suited for?

Milwaukee’s comprehensive and continuously growing chainsaw lineup enables users to right size their chainsaw solution for each specific application. For example, users can leverage the power provided by the M18 FUEL™ 16” Chainsaw to take on demanding applications such as felling trees and bucking firewood, then utilizing the M18 FUEL™ HATCHET for tight access pruning and limbing applications as it delivers increased access and control. While both solutions live in the M18 System, each saw has a unique ability to take on specific applications, providing users with ultimate power, control and versatility. By offering multiple solutions within our chainsaw lineup, Milwaukee delivers professional users’ ultimate versatility and control without sacrificing power or performance.

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