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Innovation Done Right: Vanguard® EFI/ETC Engines

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Power to Perform

In commercial and residential lawn care, no two properties are the same. Having a mower that can tackle a variety of terrains, even tough ones, in all types of weather conditions is key to helping landscape professionals keep their business profitable and on schedule. Getting that kind of power and performance out of your equipment is only possible with the most powerful engines built with the most advanced Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) and Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) technology.

Not Your Ordinary Mower Engine

Briggs & Stratton understands the challenges professional landscapers face out on the job every day. Heavy-duty horsepower means the difference between finishing faster and having to take a second pass. Briggs & Stratton pioneered Vanguard engines to answer landscapers’ need for more power and performance. The Vanguard V-twin 40 hp engine is the industry’s highest horsepower engine that offers electronic fuel injection and electronic throttle control. A big part of the design process for the new Vanguard BIG BLOCK™ 40.0 Gross HP* EFI/ETC engine included rethinking EFI and ETC technologies — and elevating them.

Exceptionally Smart Electronic Fuel Injection

The Vanguard EFI systems are built to reduce fuel consumption utilizing the Engine Control Module (ECM) to tune every single operating point unique to the engine. It takes in all of the signals from the engine sensors to make cycle-by-cycle decisions on how much fuel and spark to provide the engine and when. This smart engineering is proven by grueling real-world testing to deliver smooth performance at all elevations, improved starting at all temperatures, quick load acceptance and reduced fuel consumption by delivering fuel more efficiently — all benefits that will make a big impact on the landscape professional’s daily productivity and bottom line.

Electronic Throttle Control Delivers Consistent Power

Vanguard ETC technology reacts instantaneously to any applied to maintain power when the mower demands it. The flywheel speed sensor detects any change in RPM and sends a signal to the throttle body, ensuring consistent engine speed even in high grass — optimizing cutting speed and delivering precise fueling and optimal combustion conditions — so not a drop of fuel is wasted.

Better Mower Performance Means Bigger Profits, Season After Season

In the lawn and landscape business, the work can’t stop until the job gets done. That’s why profitable landscapers power with the Vanguard® 40 hp EFI/ETC engines — the industry’s highest horsepower available. Check out even more ways Vanguard innovation delivers landscape professionals extreme power, greater productivity and better peace of mind here.

*All power levels are stated gross HP at 3,600 RPM per SAE J1940.