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Innovation Done Right: The Vanguard® Oil Guard™ System

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Less equipment maintenance means more profit.

You invest a lot of time and money maintaining your operation’s fleet of landscaping equipment. These expenses take a big bite out of your bottom line every year. To guard against rising costs and ever-tightening margins, profitable landscaping professionals power their mowers with Vanguard® engines featuring the groundbreaking Oil Guard™ System.

The Industry’s Only 500-Hour Oil Change Interval

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The biggest enemy of engine oil is heat. The Oil Guard System works by moving oil through an external reservoir, away from engine heat. This, along with a 192 oz. system capacity, minimizes thermal breakdown to extend the life of the oil and protect the engine better. With 500-hour oil change intervals and 80% more efficiency than standard spin-on oil filters, Oil Guard can save you up to 60% on equipment maintenance costs* per mower each season. That kind of savings is unprecedented in the landscape industry — meaning there’s more money staying in your bank account instead of paying for oil change labor and materials.

Cleaner, Easier, and Faster Oil Changes

Photo: Vanguard

The advanced Vanguard Oil Guard System is purposefully designed to keep your equipment out of the shop and on the ground, allowing you to be out there making money. The industry’s longest oil-change interval is just the start. When it does come time for oil maintenance, Oil Guard’s operator-focused design delivers faster oil changes without the mess. An easy-fill cap and integrated oil filter make oil changes easier, cleaner and faster. Plus, a one-quart mark on the dipstick shows you when it’s time to add oil. There’s no funnel needed — simply pour a quart right through the filter screen and get back to work.

Extended Engine Life

The rugged commercial engines in your mowers work hard — and get hot. Cooler engines last longer. The Oil Guard System keeps engine oil away from heat, minimizing thermal breakdown so it protects the engine better. This extra protection means Vanguard engines can deliver more years of top performance. The money you save on repowering or replacing your equipment frees up cash to invest in other things for your business like labor and marketing.

The productivity of your crews rides on the engines in your mowers. Vanguard innovation helps you squeeze every dollar out of your equipment investment when your fleet is powered with Vanguard engines featuring the exclusive Oil Guard System. Learn more and see how much Oil Guard can save you at

Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the senior content manager for NALP.