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In Memoriam: Barbara Scheibe

Barbara Ann Scheibe, former executive director of the Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association, passed away on Sept. 24, 2023, at the age of 79.

Scheibe married her high school sweetheart, Marshall Scheibe, on January 11, 1964. After having two daughters, she earned her LPN degree from Alverno College in 1971, her RN degree in 1983 from Waukesha Area Technical College, her BSN in 1991 from Carroll University and her MSN in 1997 from Marquette University.

In addition to her nursing career, she became involved in the landscape industry as her husband is the owner of Scheibe & Scheibe Landscape Contractors, Inc. She stepped into the role of executive director for WLCA’s state and Milwaukee chapter.

“With her in the role, our state association grew into one of the stronger state associations,” says Joe Kujawa, senior practice leader with Bruce Wilson & Company. “They were one of the leaders in certification testing.”

Joy Diaz, an author and growth consultant for Kincaide Ltd., adds that Scheibe’s care for the WLCA members was evidenced in how she talked about them. Scheibe always worked to provide education, events and opportunities to help them grow.

“She loved all things green industry related,” Diaz says. “She was witty, sharp, organized and could handle anything life would throw at her. She was a person in a constant state of motion. She had connections because she treated people with honor and respect. She was a people magnet. When you talked with her, she looked you in the eye and made a connection.”

Her engagement at the state level caused her to become involved with NALP’s legacy organizations, ALCA and PLANET. She advocated for the green industry, volunteered during Renewal & Remembrance and served on countless committees as well as on the board of directors. She was known for her willingness to give back and serve.

“When I look back during the ALCA, PLANET and NALP days – she was there making a difference by serving,” Diaz says. “She was her own person, strong, confident and didn’t care what flavor of person you were – she accepted you wholeheartedly. She loved people; she genuinely loved the green industry and she taught that you could lead quietly but leave a huge impact. She was brilliant, humble, served others, and lifted others up. She was kind before it became a buzzword, and most of all, she loved people by her actions, not just her words.”

Kujawa says that Scheibe was a woman in landscaping before it was cool.

“I think she blazed a trail for other women in the industry by showing you could get involved, take on leadership roles and be respected,” Kujawa says. “She had a no-nonsense approach and just wanted to get the job done. She wasn’t looking for the spotlight or credit. She always took the needs of the stakeholders very seriously and did what was right, not just right for her.”

Scheibe loved and valued her family deeply.

“They were a walking love story and her love of family naturally progressed into the way she valued people and the relationships she had with them,” Diaz says. “She set the bar high for the way you communicate with others and the genuine care we should have for one another.”

Diaz says that Scheibe would change your life just by meeting her. She says Scheibe sent her numerous thoughtful cards filled with love, support and encouragement during various hard times in her life.

“In a society that is doing its best to create distance in relationships, I aspire to be that face, that connection that makes a difference, one person at a time, just like Barb lived,” she says.

Kujawa adds that Scheibe had a brightness about her. She always had a smile, a kind word and time to catch up.

“Barb taught me that how you make a person feel will forever stick with them,” Diaz says. “She lived her character of respect for people.”

Described as genuine, principled, and easy to work with, Kujawa says she always had a happy disposition and demeanor. Diaz says Scheibe taught her a number of things, including how to enjoy life and still work hard, how to listen and accept different points of view and how to stand your ground while respecting those you disagree with.

“Her legacy is that with hard work, you can accomplish your goals,” Diaz says. “With determination, you can make a difference in a huge world, and impact the people you meet, one person at a time.”

Scheibe is survived by her husband, Marshall, her daughters, Dawn Lambrecht and Diane (Tim) Hicks; her grandsons, Chris (Briana) Lambrecht, Drew Lambrecht and Zach (Steph) Hicks; and her two great-grandchildren Brooks Lambrecht and Ivy Hicks.

Memorials can be made to St. John’s Ev. Lutheran Church – Wauwatosa Building Fund or the Lau Fund or Brighton Hospice – Brookfield.

Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the senior content manager for NALP.