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How the Enviromental Improvements Program Helped my business

Had I been told a few years ago that I would one day be the chairman of the Environmental Improvements Awards Program, I wouldn’t have believed it.

My company is a small boutique type shop. Many of the awards that I had seen in ALCA’s (now PLANET) magazines were given to the large firms. I never thought that I’d have a chance to win. So, when the entry brochure would arrive in the mail, I’d look it over, feel a little overwhelmed by the directions, think of all the great awards that I’d seen, and toss it out thinking there was never a chance.

2004 came along, and we did a really nice landscape overhaul for a fairly new client. Having decided to step up to the plate, the project was entered. A Distinction Award was granted! What a great shot of confidence, and realization that a small company could stand a chance along with the large firms in judging.

In 2005 there was a project that we had been working on for a few years, and it was looking exceptional. I photographed the project and submitted it as an entry. This time it was a Grand Award!

That award is still being used as a marketing tool. Potential clients are told about our top level award given to us by a national trade group for landscapers. The award informs people of the quality of work we do.

For the next three years I sat as a judge on the Awards committee. This was quite a privilege to see the submittals and participate in the giving of awards. The fact that I’ve been a judge had been another marketing tool that has gotten a lot of use. If you want people to know what you’ve and are capable of, it’s up to you to get the word out like I have with my awards and judging.

This year I am the chairman of the committee. The opportunity I have been given to participate in the Awards program is quite an honor and a responsibility.

PLANET has been so helpful in the growth of my business in so many ways. The awards received and being on the committee are at the top of the list.

I hope you will take the time to enter your best projects and join in the thrill of receiving an award, and then using its benefits to help grow your business.

To learn more about PLANET’s Awards Program, please visit our website and get your entry form today!