Employee Issue of the Week: How People Fuel Your Business Success

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How Good People Fuel Your Business Success

What makes your business successful? Ask any leader or business owner this question and they will tell you, in a word: people. Good people fuel your business success. And in the service industry, people are everything because your offering is high-quality only if the individuals delivering what you promise are trained, skilled and adhere to high standards. Your people are the ones representing your brand, too.

People Fuel Your Business Success: People are everything.

people fuel your business success

So, it’s easy to point to people as a reason for success when a company has a great team. But what about the business with great people who are not performing at a high level? The reason is, good people also need support from managers, an operational infrastructure and rewards for achievement. You can have the greatest people in the workforce, but they can only perform if they are given the tools. And, they will only stay on board if you invest in them, and your business, by creating an environment with an engaging culture that fosters success.

People are everything, but you as a business owner are responsible for establishing a culture and human resources practices so good people can do great things.

Let’s dig into how this people thing really works.

People Fuel Your Business Success: First, Get These H.R. Facts

People are complicated, which explains why human resources (H.R.) issues are complex and require a great deal of planning, a solid system and oversight from an adviser who can ensure compliance and assure that necessary regulations are met. What we’re saying is: Don’t do H.R. alone.

Here are some H.R. facts:

Employees like retention, too. Most workers who are hired want to stay employed. In our experience, we have never interviewed a prospective employee who said, “I took the job to get fired.”

People like attention. We’re talking about the good kind—reward for hard work, constructive feedback and recognition for going above and beyond.

Compensation matters. Your people are valuable. Pay them that way.

Values matter even more. More today than ever before, the Millennial workforce and upcoming Gen-Y want to work for a company that shares their values. They want to belong to organizations that make a positive impact and give back. The green industry naturally does all of these things by creating a more beautiful, healthy environment. Share this with prospective employees.

What’s the Plan?

Nobody’s perfect. There is no perfect employee. There is no perfect company. But, there are ideal fits, meaning people who align with your culture will thrive in your organization. Understand who you are as a business, and who you are not, so you can hire the right people.

Time is more important than money. Most people who have been with a company a long time and either leave because they are unhappy or terminated will tell you their greatest regret is lost time. Consider how you are creating an environment where people feel their time is well spent.

Use the H.R. facts we outlined as a filter when building a culture and creating systems to help manage, develop and reward your people.

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