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Helping Make the Impossible Possible

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Syngenta understands that your customers have high expectations when they hire a lawn care company. One of the top concerns from homeowners is weed control, which is why Barricade® herbicide is the first choice for reliable pre-emergence control of tough weeds such as crabgrass for well over a decade.

However, if the pre-emergence timing for crabgrass is missed, Tenacity® herbicide can be tank-mixed with Barricade for post-emergence crabgrass control. Tenacity is labeled to control emerged crabgrass, but protection goes further. Residual activity even prevents new crabgrass from germinating and increases the weed control spectrum leading to a reduction in customer callbacks.

The active ingredient in Tenacity, mesotrione, is derived from a naturally occurring compound produced by the bottlebrush plant (Callistemon citrinus). Tenacity works by inhibiting an enzyme that is essential to chlorophyll production and photosynthesis, allowing light energy to break down the chlorophyll and, as a result, turning weeds white within five to seven days after application.

Tenacity herbicide can do more than just control crabgrass. Unlike other selective herbicides, Tenacity:

  • Applied at seeding will prevent weed germination, allowing turfgrass establishment without weed competition
  • Selectively controls 46 weeds pre-or post-emergence
  • Is an excellent tank mix partner

White Means It’s Working

This is a great indicator and marketing tool for homeowners, so they know when Tenacity is working. White- to purple-tinged plants may occur in new seedlings of desired turfgrass species, but it is a temporary symptom that will be removed with mowing. The resulting turf is weed-free during establishment and leads to a healthier lawn.

Pre- and Post-Emergence, Broad-Spectrum Control

Lawn care operators (LCOs) can conveniently use Tenacity for pre- and/or post-emergent control of over 46 weeds including:

  • Crabgrass
  • Clover
  • Bentgrass
  • Yellow foxtail
  • Nimblewill
  • Windmillgrass
  • Ground ivy
  • Goosegrass
  • Yellow nutsedge
  • Oxalis

Other Opportunities:

Tenacity use for control of problematic perennial weeds in lawns such as bentgrass and nimblewill and re-seeding:

  1. The recommended application rate is 4-5 oz./A on a two- to three-week interval for three applications.
  2. Re-seed treated areas after the second application to fill-in voids.

Lawn renovations and new seeding:

  1. Apply Tenacity at 5-8 oz./A prior to seeding. Do not use with seed mixtures containing more than 20% fine fescue by weight.
  2. Make a second application after second mowing for weed-free turf establishment and a better lawn.
Kentucky bluegrass treated with Tupersan® 12 lbs./A (left) and Tenacity 6 oz./A (right).
2010 – North Carolina, Syngenta photo.

More Options for LCOs

The novel mode of action of mesotrione makes Tenacity a strong partner with other products for greater weed control and unique mode of action for resistance management. Tenacity can be tank mixed with Barricade herbicide and several three-way phenoxy herbicides.

LCOs can also choose the size that best fits their needs. Tenacity is available in both an 8 oz. small pack bottle, which covers up to 93,000 ft.2 and a one-gallon jug.

Tenacity provides LCOs with full flexibility. With the option to apply at any time, even at seeding, Tenacity controls a wide range of weeds so your customers’ lawns stay healthy and lush all season long.

For more information and to view frequently asked questions about Tenacity, visit To learn more about available small packs and to view the Barricade rate card, visit

Contact your local Syngenta territory manager to order your Tenacity poster featuring the pre- and post-emergent control of 46 weeds.

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