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GIC from a staffer

Of course you can read all of the printed material and gaze at the colorful advertisements to understand how big the Green Industry Conference and GIE+EXPO really is. When you get there you can kick tires and shake hands. However, the one thing that cannot be advertised, printed, or artificially created for that matter, is the atmosphere.

The vast amount of adjectives in the dictionary, still, is not enough to describe the atmosphere of this convention. I, for one, am on the other side of the spectrum when it comes to this conference. I work in PLANET’s booth, I am able to observe and take in the reactions of everyone else there. Wide-eyed and ambitious are the attitudes of most people. Scratching through brochures, books, and DVDs to uncover knowledge they have not yet discovered.

In this atmosphere, there is a huge sense of camaraderie because everyone has the same goal. Literally, it is thousands of people working together to help each other. Personally, I enjoy seeing this just as much as I enjoy kicking tires. The atmosphere of the GIC and GIE+EXPO reminds us why we are all there. Thanks to everyone that has shown up to make this indescribable atmosphere possible!