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Four Holiday Container Design Ideas

Halloween has passed, which means for many, it’s time to shift their focus to Christmas and other winter holidays. If your company provides seasonal displays, keeping your holiday container designs fresh is important.

“Displays are easy to install and will separate you from your competition,” says Matt Chapman, a manager with Morin’s Landscaping Inc., based in Hollis, New Hampshire. “They are a value add service that lasts 5-6 weeks.”

Use Uncommon Color Combos

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While there’s nothing wrong with the traditional red and green color combo, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Depending on your customer’s property and style, other colors could go well with their home. For instance, opting to create silver and gold holiday containers on either side of the entrance can create an elegant appearance for a high-end residential home.

Other less commonly used holiday color pairings include blue and white and green and gold. You can create a blue and white container by using birch branches, blue ornaments, as well as blue and white plant material. A green and gold container can be crafted with evergreen branches and golden pinecones.

If you have more whimsical clients, going with a candy cane theme of red and white or bright teals, pinks and yellows can create an eccentric container that stands out.

Include Holiday Motifs

You can give the plant material in your containers a little extra pizzazz by adding in holiday motifs that can be removed later on and still look festive for the remaining winter months. This could include everything from candy canes to mini gingerbread houses.

Oversized ornaments, colorful bows and citrus fruits are other objects you can add to your containers. Faux-wrapped gifts are another possible item you can place in the winter display.

Add Height

If you use the tried-and-true formula of thriller, filler and spiller, you can mix up the thriller material by adding different objects like birch logs, spindly branches that are white or red like redtwig dogwood, or sprigs of berries.

Juniper berries, winterberry, and fountain grass can all add some interest to your arrangement. Blue-berried juniper and yellow-tipped incense cedar can also create a festive winter look.

Light It Up

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Because it gets dark so early in the winter months, make sure visitors can appreciate the holiday containers longer by including some form of lighting. You can up-light the containers with temporary solar lights or you can wrap string lights on the vertical elements of the design.

Electric candles with timers are another option that can provide a glow along with a festive air.

Jill Odom

Jill Odom is the senior content manager for NALP.