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Experts Forecast 3 Residential Landscape Trends for 2019

Many landscape experts are forecasting their 2019 residential landscape trends to prepare homeowners for the upcoming year.

Wondering what residential landscape trends your customers are reading about? Here’s what we’ve seen so you can prepare for what they might ask for in their outdoor spaces in 2019.

Residential Landscape Trends #1: Staycations Still Reign Supreme

residential landscape trends
Photo: Exscape Designs

Garden Design says homeowners are finding more ways to “enjoy a staycation in the comfort of their own backyard rather than waiting in airport lines and living out of a suitcase.”

Since existing house stock averages 38 years old, much of it is in need of updating, according to Hanley Wood/Metrostudy, which explains why the Home Improvement Research Institute says the steady increase in remodeling activity will continue through 2021. “With home prices increasing, new construction harder to find in some areas of the country, and homeowners aging in place, people are staying put and remodeling,” Forbes explains.

Landscaping is one of the upgrades homeowners are making. Upgrades include outdoor rooms that include cozy furniture, outdoor kitchens for people who love to cook, lighting to extend the use of these spaces into the night, and speaker systems so homeowners can enjoy music when outdoors.

Vacations typically involve private getaways, so creating secluded backyard spaces to destress and unwind is vital. Think meditation gardens, reading nooks amidst the trees and water features that add soothing sounds.

Residential Landscape Trends #2: Seller’s Market Means Curb Appeal is Paramount

residential landscape trends
Photo: Exscape Designs

In a seller’s market, making a great first impression is key. The first thing potential buyers will notice about a home is its front exterior. If it’s lacking curb appeal, buyers may not even make it past the front door.

Garden Design suggests making an entrance in homeowners’ front yards by installing scented plants along entry pathways, installing lighting to make the journey to the front door dramatic and easy to navigate and adding seasonal containers.

Residential Landscape Trends #3: Edible Plants Still Stealing the Show

Edibles are not new to the landscape trend scene … and they aren’t going away. Garden trend watchers say more homeowners continue to plant food in their landscapes. They are doing this through containers, using ornamental edibles in landscape beds, and by growing herbs in wall planters.

Tell Us What Residential Landscape Trends Are Happening In Your Area

NALP releases its 2019 residential landscape trend report next month to let homeowners know what will be “in” and “out” for the year ahead. We are gaining insight from NALP members in the field to make these predictions. NALP will share the forecast with the media so we can best communicate what’s trending to homeowners who want to enjoy their outdoor living spaces. What are you seeing in your area? If you provide residential services, please complete this four-question survey by Dec. 5 to give us a peek into trends happening in the neighborhoods you service.