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EPA Publishes Risk Assessments for Altrazine, Propazine and Simazine

On Thursday July 26, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency published Registration Review; Draft Human Health Risk Assessments for Atrazine, Propazine, and Simazine and Draft Cumulative Human Health Risk Assessment for the Triazines (Atrazine, Propazine, Simazine); Notice of Availability in the Federal Register.  The publication serves as the draft human health risk assessment (DRA) to support the Registration Review for atrazine. Propazine, simazine, and the cumulative risk assessment (CRA) for all of the chlorotriazine herbicides are addressed in separate documents.  Initial conclusions include 

“There are no dietary (food), residential handler, non-occupational spray drift, or occupational post-application risk estimates of concern for the registered uses of atrazine. There are some residential post-application risk estimates of concern for the registered spray uses on residential turf. There are no post-application risk estimates of concern for the granular turf uses of atrazine.”

NALP will be thoroughly reviewing the assessment in the coming weeks and working with NALP members to ensure our use patterns were properly assessed.  The public 60 day public comment period closes on September 24, 2018.

The full draft risk assessment can be found here.

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