Could You Use A Crystal Ball In The New Economy? - The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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Could You Use A Crystal Ball In The New Economy?



For more than thirty years, PLANET with the help of its suppliers, has sponsored a semi-annual report known as “The Crystal Ball Report”. If you have never heard of this report you are in the majority and man have you been missing out! Each report predicts trends and recommends actions you can take to be more successful in your business NOW. The topic of the next report  overwhelmingly selected by planateers at the Green Industry Conference (GIC) this year was where in the world is this economy going and what’s the best way to gear up to take advantage of it.


In order to make sure that the report meets your needs, it  will be written interactively with questions, comments, the experience and best practices of PLANET members, suppliers, the Government Affairs Committee, and Horticultural schools. Stay tuned for your opportunity to pose the questions you most want addressed and to share what’s been working for you  so you can help predict the future!


Cant wait a year? Get  answers now to issues like driving greater efficiency (lean), best hiring and training practices, sustainability, innovation by  visiting our Crystal Ball Web page and you can help yourself to any and all of these reports as a free benefit of PLANET membership. These reports were put together by groups of industry leaders, usually  the landscape industries most successful players, so take advantage of what’s been working for them today.