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Control Grubs, Billbugs, Turf Caterpillars and More With One Application

Photo: Syngenta

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Big Results in a Small Pack with Acelepryn Insecticide

Grubs, billbugs and turf caterpillars are often undiscovered by customers until the turfgrass is already injured. There’s a way to control all of these pests, with one application before the season gets busy, using lower rates – all without disrupting lawn biodiversity. These results are easily achieved using Acelepryn® insecticide as a granular, or fertilizer, or as a liquid in either a 4 oz. small pack or ½ gallon, from Syngenta.

Photo: Syngenta

Turf professionals can rest assured that the environment surrounding their customers’ lawns, which may be teeming with beneficial earthworms and pollinating honeybees, will not be compromised by the elimination of turfgrass insects.

Recently, 92 percent of lawn care operators (LCOs) surveyed by Syngenta reported that it was important that Acelepryn has no signal word on its label and lower impact on beneficial and non-target organisms, including honeybees.1 Powered by the active ingredient chlorantraniliprole, Acelepryn offers season-long control of multiple insects with a single (8-16 fl. oz/A) application. When applied in the early spring, Acelepryn helps control white grubs, billbugs and turf caterpillars all season.

Acelepryn Helps Save on Labor Costs and Reduces Homeowner Call-Backs

Additionally, Syngenta understands that recent, persistent labor shortages have been stressful for LCOs. Repeat service visits that exacerbate this issue are time-consuming headaches. Acelepryn can help LCOs reduce costly labor demands and reduce homeowner call-backs by providing the longest-lasting grub control in the market. Unlike other products, after the initial application of Acelepryn, there is no requirement to water-in. This allows nature to run its course so that LCOs don’t have to worry if property owners will irrigate their lawns in order to achieve the best results. The industry-leading technology Acelepryn provides allows it to penetrate the root zone where hidden grubs are feeding. And, with excellent residual efficacy to control both early- and late-emerging grub species, lawn care operators can rely on one application of Acelepryn to meet their customers’ expectations and help ensure proper productivity for their business.

Acelepryn Curbs More Than Just Grubs

The benefits of Acelepryn go beyond exceptional grub control. Along with preventing grub hot spots beneath the surface, Acelepryn protects lawns from surface feeding insects, such as billbugs and turf caterpillars. Though these insects live above the soil, they are not easily visible, and the extent of their damage is significant. Billbug larvae cause injury as they feed inside the grass stem, hollowing it out and then dropping to the soil surface to feed on the crown and roots of the plant, making them difficult to spot. The appearance of irregularly shaped tufts of grass that are easily pulled from the surface is an indicator that a billbug larvae infestation has occurred. Meanwhile, foliar feeding caterpillars, including sod webworms, fall armyworms and black cutworms, can cause patches of decaying turf that rapidly increase in size.

Acelepryn is the only product that can provide long-term prevention of turf caterpillars. Other solutions only provide 2–4-week residual and require re-application to control each subsequent generation. Depending on the application rate, Acelepryn can provide up to 4 months of residual efficacy to truly prevent caterpillar outbreaks.

LCOs can see breakthrough results against a host of different insects, while enjoying the added benefit of little impact on non-target organisms. Surveyed LCOs praised the results they’ve seen after using Acelepryn on property owners’ lawns:

  • 96 percent rated Acelepryn at four stars or greater (with 53 percent rating Acelepryn five out of five stars)
  • 98 percent reported that they find Acelepryn to be a highly effective product
  • 69 percent said they saw a notable improvement2

Introducing Syngenta Small Packs

No two landscapes are the same. Syngenta knows that different lawn sizes call for different product needs. To give LCOs a range of options to expand their services and increase potential revenue, Syngenta has introduced small pack sizes of its most popular lawn and landscape products including:

Not convinced? Hear what other LCOs have to say about how Acelepryn helps their businesses. @SyngentaTurf (FB/TW/YT icons)

1, 2 Source: Survey of lawn care operators via TechValidate, February 2021.

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