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Award Winning Projects

Landscapes of the Month: Capturing Multiple Views From a Rooftop Oasis

Located in Denver, Colorado, this client wanted to create a rooftop retreat that would offer some of the most spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains, downtown Denver, and the city’s baseball stadium. The client hired Lifescape Colorado, based in Denver, Colorado, to take on the project. Since the project was successful, Lifescape Colorado received a […]

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Photo: Brandon Layne

Landscapes of the Month: Establishing Turf on a Mountainside

Located in central Virginia, this client wanted to open up the view on the mountain and cut down trees, and implement turf for erosion control and looks. They also wanted walking trails installed, a high-quality standard of turf, treatment on all turf areas, and for the turf to be mown regularly; this includes a flat area, […]

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Photo: Ruppert Landscape

Landscapes of the Month: Caring for a Prestigious College Campus

Located near the heart of the American federal government in Washington, D.C., about five minutes from Union Station and a twelve-minute walk from capitol hill sits the Georgetown Law Center. The client’s intent for this project was to maintain a landscape that reflects the history and prestige of this institution while balancing the need for […]

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Photo: Patrick McBride

Landscapes of the Month: Creating a Healing Environment for a Health Care Facility

Located in Kansas City, Kansas, this client desired to create a world-class healthcare facility that could house multiple divisions with their healthcare delivery system. The state-of-the-art medical facility is designed to provide flexibility and scalability to the healthcare community as well as use sustainable development and landscape techniques to shrink the effect on the environment […]

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Photo: David Patterson

Landscapes of the Month: Maintaining a Modern Manor

Located in Boulder, Colorado, this client desired a landscape and outdoor living design that would imitate the relaxed elegance in the French countryside of a historic estate. The residence is fronted by an extensive circle driveway and a formal courtyard entrance. The back of the home is open, and every single room leads outside. There […]

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Photo: David J. Frank Landscape Contracting

Landscapes of the Month: Maintaining a High-End Open-Air Shopping Center

Located in Madison, Wisconsin, Hilldale is an open-air shopping center with over 50 stores located on 30 acres of land. Due to the previous landscaper not living up to Hilldale’s premium brand, the client decided it was time to hire a new company to complete the job. In 2019, the client brought in David J. […]

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Photo: Tim McAuliffe

Landscapes of the Month: Creating an Outdoor Destination in a Tight Space

Located in Plano, Texas, this client wanted to construct an outdoor living area that included an outdoor kitchen, bar area, planters, lighting, travertine pavers and a firepit. The client intended for the most important item to be a multi-use structure, not attached to the home, that could open and close like a pergola to provide […]

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Underneath an interstate highway sits a 5 1/2 acre park that provides an escape from the hustle and bustle.
Photo: Sharp Frame Media

Landscapes of the Month: Revitalizing a Downtown Dallas Park

In Dallas, Texas, amongst all the exciting new growth, some of the essential details, including the landscape, had been neglected. So, the mayor desired to redesign the Dallas parks by re-shaping and dedicating over 20 acres of downtown Dallas to parks. At the center of the plan for reconstruction, with over five and a half […]

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Landscapes of the Month: Maintaining a Private Botanical Garden

Located in Houston, Texas, this client desired a lush, tropical botanical garden that features a large and diverse variety of plant material. They wanted to bring together some traditional aspects of a southern garden, such as formal hedges and colorful flowers with a varied plant palette. In the back, the edge of the property backs […]

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Photo: Designscapes Colorado, Inc.

Landscapes of the Month: Blending a Contemporary Backyard with the Indoor

Located in Denver, Colorado, this client desired a lush, inviting backyard space while keeping any maintenance that may be required to a minimum. The client also wanted a space that blends the interior with newly created outdoor rooms. To successfully complete this project, the client hired Designscapes Colorado, Inc., based in Centennial, Colorado, to take […]

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