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Buck it Up For Military Families

Good day all! Buck it Up for Military Families  (BIU) is a new program that’s an extension of the nationally-known GreenCare for Troops (GCFT) program executed by Project EverGreen.  As many of you know, GCFT is the free lawn and landscape service done for military families where the major breadwinner is serving overseas. We have more than 8,200 families signed up for the program and 2,200 fabulous volunteers signed up.  We’ve decided to create a scholarship program whereby folks can donate $1, $5, $10 or more so we can help military families attend post-secondary education schools and enter the horticulture field. We hope to raise thousands of dollars for the program. For information, please go to http://www.projectevergreen.com/gcft/buckitup.html. You can donate online. We encourage you to put a bucket in your office, encourage your customers to donate by sending an invoice stuffer. If  you’re looking for a tangible way to say thanks to our military families for all their sacrifices, think about this program. The deadline for Phase I is May 16, Armed Forces Day in the U.S. But you can donate to this program anytime this year if you’d like. If you want to call us with questions, please give Elizabeth Neiderhiser a call at 1-877-758-4835. She’ll be sure to help you. Thanks in advance for anything you can do. Have a great day. Den Gardner, Executive Director, Project EverGreen