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8 Non-Traditional Ways to Find Landscape Employees

Author Jenn Myers is NALP’s Director of Workforce Development and she spent years recruiting candidates for placement in the industry’s top firms.  Find the best talent at the National Collegiate Landscape Competition in March. 

The search for landscape and lawn care employees can feel like it is a 24/7 job.  Are you frustrated and looking for new and creative ways to search for new employees?  Here are eight non-traditional options to try.

  1. Target Passive Candidates on Facebook

Use Facebook targeting features to advertise in the feeds of people who match the skills, location and even interests and hobbies you want.

  1. Encourage employees to share job openings on social media.

Enhance your employee referral bonus program by encouraging employees to share open positions on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

  1. Check with the alumni networks of local colleges for potential hires.

Many alumni stay active with their colleges by joining alumni networks and/or reaching out to former professors when in search of a new position.

  1. Open your referral program to your entire network, not just your employees.

Decide to pay out a referral fee to anyone who refers a candidate who is hired and stays employed through the probationary period.  Turn anyone who sees the ad into recruiters, while also providing marketing for your business.

  1. Utilize industry-specific job boards.

Target qualified candidates by using job boards or sites that are specific to your industry, such as NALP’s Job Board. 

  1. Ensure your company website has a ‘Careers’ page with contact information.

Your company website should have a ‘Careers’ or ‘Jobs’ page to capture any talented people that visit your site. Even if you are not currently hiring, it is a good idea to have some job postings on your site.

  1. Reach out to non-profits who are seeking employers for their clientele.

Immigration, veterans, and various other non-profit organizations are constantly looking for employers to help their clientele get back on their feet with a job. Better yet, the non-profit has usually done a background check and some job training for the person to be in their database.

  1. Create an apprenticeship or internship program with your local community or 4-year college.

Instead of a paid internship program, offer an internship that can count as academic credit. To do this, work with a local community college or specific department at a 4-year college. Benefits to your company include ambitious college students, possible full-time employees in the future, as well as increased community presence.