The award that keeps on giving - The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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The award that keeps on giving



Spiegelberg Landscape Design won a Grand Award from PLANET’S Environmental Improvement Awards Program in 2005. It’s the award that keeps on rewarding.  As I meet with new clients and show them my portfolio, this project that received a Grand is first in the presentation. This does two things:  it allows me to sell the capability of my company by telling the prospective clients about the award and how we received it, and it opens the door to talk about PLANET both in what it does for the industry as well as for the client.

Spiegelberg Landscape Design - 2005 GRAND Award Winner
Spiegelberg Landscape Design - 2005 GRAND Award Winner


Don’t let the forms and process intimidate you.  Go through it thoroughly, have awesome photos, write your descriptions well, and give it a shot.  My company is small, yet we won a Grand.  Don’t think that the awards are only for the “big boys” in our industry.


Visit PLANET’s Web site for more information on the Environmental Improvement Awards and how to apply. The early bird deadline is July 6!