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New Year’s Certification Challenge – Promote and Maintain

From one Landscape Industry Certified professional to another, let’s make a New Year’s resolution to step up our promotions and make sure our customers, peers, friends, and family know that we’re certified and proud! After all, certification can make you and your company more attractive and more in demand. You’ll stand out, but not if you keep it a secret.




From e-mail signatures to on-hold phone messages, customer newsletters to advertisements, and Web sites to brochures, let’s not miss any opportunity to pump up the volume on our Landscape Industry Certified status. Our vehicles and apparel should sport the distinguished certified logo, too! Logos, customer brochure templates, bid language and more are available in our online certification toolkit.


Of course, we can’t very well promote our proud achievement and distinction of excellence if we’re not in good standing. We also don’t want to jeopardize our listing on PLANET’s new Honor Wall of Landscape Industry Certified for the entire world to see.


Remedy: Recertify by the good-through date on our wallet card. If your good-through date is December 31, 2011, you need to send in your CEU Submission Form and recertification fee to PLANET to maintain your certification and show that you’re on top of your game by recertifying every two years. If your good-through date is 2010 or earlier, you’re inactive and need to contact the PLANET certification team immediately.


By following the Recertification Requirements, completing the CEU Submission Form, and sending it in to PLANET in December or January at the latest, you can claim your recertification packet, as well as continued listing on the Honor Wall.


If you have questions about promoting your certification, recertifying, or CEU opportunities, visit the Recertification Center and please call the PLANET certification team at (800) 395-2522 or e-mail them at


Cheers to a productive and phenomenal 2012!


Michael Becker, Landscape Industry Certified Manager

Chair, International Certification Council