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Workplace Safety During Hurricane Season


The Atlantic hurricane season officially starts June 1 and the Eastern Pacific hurricane season began mid-May. Both run through November. To help you prepare for a potential land-falling tropical storm or hurricane, observe Hurricane Preparedness Week, May 15-21, 2016.

Ensure you have storm readiness plans in place for your business and home. Knowing what to do before, during and after a storm is critical to survival. OSHA and many others agencies offer abundant resources to help you do just that.

Helpful information referenced on the OSHA Hurricane Preparedness and Response site includes:

  • Preparedness page that outlines the warnings and watches used for hurricanes, including the five categories used to rate the strength of a hurricane. You’ll also find information on creating evacuation plans and supply kits.
  • Response/Recovery page features a link to OSHA’s Hurricane eMatrix, which features information on hazard exposures and risk assessments for hurricane response and recovery work. The information in the matrix is organized based on the types of activities performed so that it is easy for workers to identify the precautions they should take based on the tasks they will be performing.
  • OSHA and NOAA are working together on a public education effort aimed at improving the way people prepare for and respond to severe weather. This page is designed to help businesses and their workers prepare for hurricanes, and to provide information about hazards that workers may face during and after a hurricane.

Include the following fact sheet in your training – “Keeping Workers Safe during Hurricane Cleanup and Recovery.”