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What it takes to LEAVE IT ALL ON THE FIELD

Lemcke Leaves it all on the field

As part of our #NALPKnows series, we talked to Brett Lemcke, Landscape Industry Certified, vice president of R.M. Landscape, Inc. in Hilton, New York, about working together as a team, and leaving it on the field during LANDSCAPES 2015.

Our commitment to and relationship with our employees and our customers helps define us and what our company is all about. For our employees, we want to help them grow and be successful and we want to create a fun work environment where they enjoy coming to work every day.  We also want our customers to enjoy working with us, and a big part of that is ensuring them that we will “do what it takes” to make sure they’re satisfied with our service.

For us, leaving it on the field means doing what it takes.

Part of bringing this motto to life is taking advantage of all educational and networking opportunities that we can. That’s where the LANDSCAPES conference plays a huge role.


The educational sessions have been very helpful over the years, but as time goes by it’s the connections one makes there that become equally if not even more invaluable to attendees. I believe companies can significantly increase the value they take home from this conference by bringing along team members, introducing them to peers, and encouraging them to participate in the educational sessions.

There’s a world difference between sharing what I’ve learned at the event with them versus having team members actually experience it themselves.

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