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Top 5 Takeaways from the National Collegiate Landscape Competition

Another successful Student Career Days is in the books, but we want to keep the energy of the event going! Remember these top five takeaways from the event as we settle back into our routines. We can’t wait to see you at association events all year, and back at the National Collegiate Landscape Competition next year in Mississippi!

1. You’ll all be good at something. But when you love what you do, you’ll be great. Take this passion, take it into the industry, and change the world.

2. The most powerful thing you can have is your network. Reach your hand out, send a note, do whatever you can to grow your network, and plant the seeds for success.

3. It’s important to work as a team within your school or company, but it’s more important to work as a team as a whole. It’s about the industry, and how we all work together to change the world’s landscape.

4. By participating in industry events, you can find a lot of internship and job opportunities. Industry members who participate in things like the Career Fair are excited to meet students, and are excited about the future of the industry. Be proactive, and big things can happen.


5. Keep learning. The number one piece of advice Student Career Days participants gave next year’s attendees was to study hard. Keep this in mind. Keep looking for ways to learn, grow, and study what’s around you, and be the best landscape industry professional you can be.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, and to our host school North Carolina State University for helping to make this a great event! Check the final results here.