NALP's Top 5 Lawn and Landscape Trends of 2020

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Top 5 Lawn and Landscape Trends of 2020

A great landscape needs a great foundation. What’s better than a great foundation? One that has a modern twist via technological advances.

That could be why foundational elements combined with new technology are the themes that make up this year’s list of lawn and landscape trends, according to NALP.

Crafted using the expertise of professionals across the country, NALP annually predicts design and maintenance trends that it feels will inspire Americans as they think about their landscapes in 2020.

Here are the five trends NALP members predict will define outdoor spaces in 2020:

Lawn and Landscape Trends #1: Ornate, Geometric Hardscaping.

lawn and landscape trends
Photo: Plants Creative

Intricate hardscape patterns–think waves, chevron, lattice and basketweave–continue to show up in residential landscapes. these patterns mirror popular home decor patterns. And homeowners are taking them outdoors into their walkways, patios, retaining walls and fire features.

Lawn and Landscape Trends #2: Contemporary and Transitional Landscape Design

lawn and landscape trends
Photo: Greener Horizon

Homeowners are embracing simplistic designs with multi-purpose function. Outdoor kitchens serve as an outdoor entertainment and visually appealing space, but also function as a place to cook dinner. Contemporary sculptures or modern fire or water features add unique and fun elements to a landscape design. Also, transitional landscape design is part of this trend. An example of this would be native plants that can handle various temperature shifts.

Lawn and Landscape Trends #3. Bountiful Shades of Blue

lawn and landscape trends
Photo: Farmside

Many of the companies predicting color trends are naming various shades of blue as their colors of choice for 2020. Sherwin-Williams is talking about Naval, a strong and calming dark blue. PPG is sharing Chinese Porcelain, a cobalt and moody blue, as their top hue. As a result, industry experts predict blue will appear in the landscape. While not an abundant flower color, blue does appear in plants like hydrangea, delphinium, grape hyacinth and globe thistle. But blue can also crop up in other areas of the outdoors, including sculpture and water features.

Lawn and Landscape Trends #4: Your Style, Your Garden Design

Photo: Dennis’ 7 Dees

Homeowners want gardens that do double duty. They want them to look aesthetically pleasing and also deliver the goods. The goods could be fruits, vegetables or herbs to add to those dishes they create in their outdoor kitchens. For those homeowners with smaller spaces, container and vertical gardens are trending.

Lawn and Landscape Trends #5: One Click, Remote Irrigation

Photo: Bonnick Landscaping

Homeowners want to nourish their landscapes and save water at the same time. Today’s latest irrigation technology allows them or their land care professionals to control irrigation systems from anywhere. They do this via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and smartphone apps.

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