The Latest News from NALP Members: Kohler, Southern Landscape Group, The Harvest Group, FuelCred - The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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The Latest News from NALP Members: Kohler, Southern Landscape Group, The Harvest Group, FuelCred

Check out the latest news from NALP members.

Latest News from NALP Members: NALP Member Southern Landscape Group Promotes Callan Dudley to General Manager

Latest News from NALP Members
Callan Dudley

Southern Landscape Group Inc., Central Virginia’s provider of landscape, hardscape and construction services, announced the promotion of Callan Dudley to general manager. Due to continual growth in their business, this senior role was created to manage current and future development. Dudley will have the primary responsibilities to establish organizational priorities, align goals, manage budgets and systems, continue to recruit and train talent, conduct strategic planning and focus on constant improvement.

“Callan has been an integral part of our success since she was first hired.  She has worked throughout the different parts of our company, making each part better than it was before her arrival.  As a highly respected team member, she has the capability to command respect and challenge others to learn and be better,” says Mark Maslow, President and Owner of Southern Landscape Group.

Latest News from NALP Members: New Online Account Manager Training Program Available from NALP Consultant Member The Harvest Group

Professionally trained account managers lead to more satisfied clients. These clients will stay with you and send more business your way.

The new Harvest Group Account Manager Online Training program offers tips and tactics to establish an effective account manager training program. The course also includes real world examples and quiz questions to help account managers listen, learn and test their knowledge. The course includes 11 training modules with more than 150 video lessons totaling 16 hours of valuable content. The Harvest Group Account Manager Online Training program also includes access to a private Facebook group and monthly conference call to share information, ask questions and get additional advice.  

Tax App, FuelCred, From NALP Member Helps Small Businesses Save on Fuel Costs

FuelCred, a mobile application, is now available to help small businesses apply for federal tax credits for gasoline or diesel fuel used in off-road equipment. Landscapers can save about $.20/gallon on fuel used in mowers, tractors, generators, etc. This is regardless of whether they owe any other tax to the federal government.

“FuelCred automates tracking of off-road fuel use, applies the correct tax treatment using IRS rules, and generates form 4136. This is the form the IRS requires to apply for fuel tax credits,” says Joe Chan, head of technology for FuelCred. “Previously only big companies using teams of accountants at top-tier accounting firms had access to these credits. But now with FuelCred small companies have that same capability. In fact, the technology behind FuelCred was developed by CPAs from these same large tax and accounting firms.”

A tax credit (sometimes called a tax refund), unlike a tax deduction, is a 1-for-1 reduction in taxes for businesses. So even if a business doesn’t owe any taxes, the IRS will send an eligible business a check for any fuel tax refund owed. “For every 500 gallons of fuel used in off-road business equipment, the federal government will refund you $100,” Chan says. “Every year over a billion dollars in available fuel tax credits go unclaimed. For many small landscapers the fuel tax credit can amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.”

Latest News from NALP Members: NALP Supplier Member Kohler Hosts Lawn & Landscape Conference

Kohler is sponsoring an upcoming landscaper conference with panels, informative sessions and test sessions for new equipment. Kohler’s Lawn & Landscape Conference is Feb. 26-28 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

The conference features Wally Wood (Beach River Landscapes), Shawn Spencer (Spencer Lawn Care), Jason Ambro (Ambro’s Landscaping), and Richey Plemons (Plemons Lawn Care). Also, tour the new Kohler Engine assembly plant.