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Overcome These 5 Common Business Fears

There is something extremely powerful about facing and overcoming your fears. And there’s no better day to talk about that than on Halloween.

As a way to find some balance in my very creative, but also very busy and deadline-driven life as a content provider for landscape professionals, as well as a wife and mother of two, I schedule a daily workout session of CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting. I’ve been doing this for five years.

At the beginning, the list of fears in front of me that included things I hadn’t done before or hadn’t done since a much younger age, like pull-ups and rope climbs, was long. But as I kept gaining strength and confidence, I checked them off of the list and they became accomplishments.

As I continue to push myself, the fears get more challenging, like extensive gymnastics and weights that are over my previous limits or much higher than even my own body weight. And every day, I still feel that tinge of fear, that moment where I ask myself, “Can I do this today?” “What if it’s too hard?” “Did I forget how?” “What if it’s too heavy?” “What if it was a fluke that I could do it before?”

Am I scared? Certainly. Most of the time, I’ve learned to do it anyway. Sometimes, I fail the weight. But other times, I toughen up, stand up straight, face my fear and surprise myself tremendously by lifting 10 more pounds above even the weight I was originally going to lift—something I wouldn’t have known if i didn’t try. And I benefit tremendously from the experience. The rest of the day, I’m focused, elated, driven and energetic.

overcoming business fearsThe biggest barriers to your success each and every day are your fears. Fears are sneaky … they can stop you from even trying for something that you might very well be able to do, but your fear convinces you that you can’t do it. As Gordon Tredgold, founder and principle of Leadership Principles, says, “Fears are complex; they’re cunning, they can be deep-seated, and they are often subconscious, which can mean that you are not always aware of what it is that is holding you back.”

5 Common Business Fears

There is certainly no roller coaster in the world’s greatest amusement parks that matches the unpredictability, thrills and stomach-churning butterflies as those that come from running a business. Here are some common business fears and how to overcome them.

  1. I fear I won’t succeed. Fear of failure stops too many business owners from not only achieving goals … but even setting them. Remember, every path to success comes with mistakes and failures; they are normal parts of the whole process. You will fear people won’t buy your service, you won’t make enough money, you won’t make payroll, etc. When you are a business owner, you stick your neck out, and it’s natural not to want to be seen as a failure. But ask yourself this: “So what if I fail? What would really happen if I failed?” Usually the reality is that not much will happen, so why not take a chance? Fear is mostly just your pride. Don’t worry about what other people will think if you fail.
  2. I’m scared to ask for what I want (the price, the client, the project, etc.). Many landscape business owners have underpriced their services. Imagine what you could be making if you thought about the value you bring and the results you generate, and then priced your services accordingly.
  3. I’m afraid to say, “No.” Requests come from all directions, and sometimes you want agree to them all. But if it distracts you from your goals, it’s best to politely say, “No.” Focus on your objectives so you can say “yes” to all the right opportunities.
  4. I’m afraid to stop. Business owners are natural workaholics, and today’s technology that makes us reachable 24 hours a day, seven days a week doesn’t help. Many business owners feel like they will miss opportunities if they take any time away from their companies. It’s natural to think you are indispensable to your business, but really you’re not. Your employees will cope—they might even surprise you—if you take some time away from work for some much-needed work-life balance.
  5. I fear I will lose business. Minimize your fears of losing a client by changing your mindset. Patrick Lencioni, author of “Getting Naked,” suggests two key ways to help in this area by focusing on your client relationships. First, consult, don’t sell. Forgo the traditional sales pitch and help your clients solve their problems. Your clients want help, and they’re willing to pay for it once they know you can help them. Second, tell the truth. Build valuable partnerships with your clients by being honest with them about what you find on their properties. Add the most value by helping them see and deal with challenges that others are afraid to bring up.

Don’t Fear Success

The more business fears you can overcome, the more success you can realize.

Which fears impact you and your landscape business the most? Let me know by writing me at nicole@landscapeprofessionals.org.

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