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Neal Goldberg Thrives on Conquering Daily Challenges at Goldberg & Rodler

As owner alongside partner Tom Rodler, Neal Goldberg runs the operations of Goldberg & Rodler Inc. The landscape design/build firm is based in Huntington, New York. Goldberg has been doing this work full time for nearly 40 years. He thrives on conquering daily challenges this work brings.

His firm, now in its second generation of ownership, specializes in design, installation, maintenance and tree care services. It began operations in 1958. The company prides itself on being a stable business with a staff of loyal, dedicated and experienced landscape professionals. The company recognizes the need to protect and preserve the environment for immediate and future generations. Therefore, it believes that understanding, respecting and following the laws of nature is paramount.

Daily Challenges #1: High-Profile Projects

Some of the company’s more high-profile projects include the Long Island Jewish Medical Center. The medical center itself is known for its high level of care. As a result, Goldberg & Rodler devised a landscape design strategy where the environment of the surroundings met the same high level of care given to patients at the facility.

daily challenges = high-profile clients
Long Island Jewish Medical Center

The campus connects all of the buildings, open spaces and parking areas to support staff, patients and visitors. For the landscape design, the goal was to expand the therapeutic setting outdoors and complement the buildings’ characteristics. In addition, a key component was camouflaging any utilitarian features of the site.

The campus is a bustling environment at all hours of the day. Goldberg & Rodler’s task was to create a safe and efficient space for pedestrian and vehicular traffic to co-mingle. The firm also incorporated welcoming places to sit and eat and provides colorful plantings every season.

Goldberg thrives on such challenges. Complicated projects where he can see them through from the design stage to completion into beautiful landscapes motivates him. He loves seeing the satisfaction clients get from the new space.

“I enjoy being out in the field overseeing my crews and dealing with the different trades and subcontractors,” he says. “I enjoy dealing with problems and issues that arise daily. Coming up with solutions to rectify them is a task I embrace.”

Daily Challenges #2: Organization Saves the Day

To accomplish his goals for the day, he focuses on organization as he does his job.

“I always want to be forecasting what my crews are doing next. The goal is to keep them running at maximum efficiency at all times,” he says. “As a result, I try to minimize non-productive activities.”

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