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NALP Leaders Meet with DHS

A photo provided by NALP member Shayne Newman as part of his H-2B cap impact story.

Last week, a group of NALP leaders and other stakeholders met with senior staff at DHS to stress the critical need for H-2B cap relief. The meeting was the latest step in a continuing dialogue that NALP has established with key administrative personnel to call for short term cap relief as well as a permanent fix to the issues related to the current cap. The DHS staff members were presented with firsthand accounts from representatives of some of our country’s premier landscape service providers, and over 50 pages of H-2B cap impact stories provided to us by NALP members.

The stories we provided to DHS helped to illustrate the real-world implications of the current H-2B cap. Members generously provided us with information such as the dollar value of contracts at risk, equipment purchases that would not occur, and American workers whose positions were in jeopardy if their petitions for H-2B workers were unsuccessful. Information of this type is a highly valuable advocacy tool because it personalizes and humanizes the real-world impact of bad policy.

We are still collecting H-2B impact stories so if you are a seasonal employer, please consider sending yours. For more info, contact Paul Mendelsohn.