Meet NALP Board Member Brandon Sheppard from Weed Man

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Meet NALP Board Member Brandon Sheppard from Weed Man

Brandon Sheppard is a member of the Weed Man Sub-Franchisor team and operates the Weed Man franchises in Winchester, Virginia; Annapolis, Maryland; Bethesda, Maryland; Rockville-Gaithersburg, Maryland; and Frederick, Maryland.

His journey with Weed Man began in 2000 as part of the Canada-founded company’s brand launch into the American market. Sheppard joined the Weed Man team full time in 2004 after receiving his Juris Doctorate from the West Virginia University College of Law when his family’s operations opened their first physical offices.

What is your proudest moment in business? 

My proudest moment in business was probably the moment it became clear that what we were building was transforming the lives and dreams of others. In short, it was when Weed Man went from a ‘place to work’ to a portal to your future. What started as a father-son lawn care office became a place where people come to challenge themselves and their potential instead of a structure where they come to log their 40 hours each week.

What is the biggest business challenge you face?

Our biggest challenge is continuing to identify and develop new talent.  Sustaining growth requires a range of resources and an ongoing supply of individuals who possess the right mind and skillset. This is perhaps the most essential component of success.  To meet that need, we invest heavily on internal talent development to ensure we have the people we need when we need them at Weed Man.  

What motivates you on a Monday morning? 

Brandon Sheppard, Weed Man
Brandon Sheppard

As a self-employed entrepreneur, Mondays are a bit of a relative concept. When it’s ‘your show,’ the parameters that define the conventional work envelope tend to lose meaning. To that end, so does ‘Monday’ as a defined start to the work week. I try to work when I’m inspired rather than when I’m obligated. I find this leads to greater productivity and quality. That may mean that I’m pounding away on a project at midnight on a Sunday because an idea struck and that I’m in the woods on my bike first thing Monday as a personal reward.

Who is your business mentor or idol and why? 

I don’t think I can answer with a single person so I’ll tackle it in three phases. Richard Branson for his willingness to push the envelope and fail spectacularly on his path to success. My father for his unwavering humility and patience. Hamdi Ulukaya for his innovative, people-first mindset for leading and inspiring his teams.  

What inspired you to become part of NALP’s leadership?

NALP is the voice for the many thousands of businesses and green industry professionals across America. The opportunity to have a role in representing these members is not just an opportunity but an honor.  

What excites you most about the future of the industry?

The green industry is in the process of navigating an important transition into the economy of the future and the inherent shift in the nature of employment and customer dynamics that accompanies that evolution. I’m excited to have a role in shaping this growth.