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Landscaping is No. 4 on Homeowners’ Top Home Improvement To-Do List

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Thirty-two percent of homeowners have been putting off at least one home improvement project for 12 months or more. And landscaping is in the top five on that list, according to a new study on home improvement site

Home Improvement To-Do List

Home improvement to-do list

The study says nine of these jobs on homeowners’ to-do lists “desperately need attention.” This made 57 percent of homeowners feel their homes were still “works in progress.” And, to make matters worse, the study says only 10 percent of homeowners feel they are completely on top of their home maintenance tasks.

Home Improvement: DIY or Hire a Pro?

The study also asked about whether homeowners tackle a job themselves or hire a professional. Fifty-five percent of homeowners reported trying to take on a job themselves. However, only 31 percent of homeowners say their DIY projects have been successfully completed without major problems. Also, 32 percent of homeowners admit starting a job around the home and abandoning it halfway through,’s study says.

When it comes to generational differences, baby boomers were 15.5 percent more experienced than millennials on home repairs. Millennials were less experienced than every generation on 13 out of 21 home repairs surveyed.

American Homeowners’ Top 20 Home Improvement Tasks

  • New paint: 55 percent
  • Bathroom remodel: 30 percent
  • New carpet: 28 percent
  • Landscaping: 27 percent
  • Kitchen remodel: 27 percent
  • Drywall repair: 25 percent
  • Fix/replace door(s): 23 percent
  • Fix/replace window(s): 22 percent
  • Flooring repair: 21 percent
  • Roof repair: 20 percent
  • Deck/patio repair/installation: 20 percent
  • Re-caulking: 20 percent
  • Fix/replace faucet(s): 16 percent
  • Lighting installation: 15 percent
  • New tiling: 15 percent
  • Fix leak: 14 percent
  • Fix/replace tub/shower: 14 percent
  • Replace/fix toilet(s): 14 percent
  • Fix/replace plumbing: 12 percent
  • Siding repair: 12 percent

UPDATE: Fences and Decking Top the List of Most Expensive Landscape-Related Home Improvement Projects

During the last year, 88 percent of homeowners say they’ve performed a major home repair, explains a study by home improvement website More than half say they’ve managed multiple repairs or home improvement projects.

The study says homeowner spent an average of $4,958 on these projects. Approximately 25 percent said they spent between $2,501 and $5,000 and 15 percent spent $5,000 to $10,000 on home repairs.

When it comes to the cost of specific repairs, the landscape repairs that were on the list included the second and third most expensive repairs: installing a fence (more than $8,000) and aluminum decking ($5,600).

The best news of the study: homeowners believe their improvements pay off. Homeowners on average believe their homes are worth nearly $15,000 more today than one year ago—a 6 percent increase, the study says.