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Landscapes of the Month: Blending a Contemporary Backyard with the Indoor

Photo: Designscapes Colorado, Inc.

Located in Denver, Colorado, this client desired a lush, inviting backyard space while keeping any maintenance that may be required to a minimum. The client also wanted a space that blends the interior with newly created outdoor rooms. To successfully complete this project, the client hired Designscapes Colorado, Inc., based in Centennial, Colorado, to take on the job.

A before photo of the backyard
Photo: Designscapes Colorado, Inc.

Due to the success of the project, Designscapes Colorado, Inc. received a Gold Award in the 2022 Awards of Excellence.

Even though the project had an incredibly successful outcome, it did not come without its own set of challenges and setbacks.

While working on the project, the issues faced included working around and removing several large trees. The crew also had to create elevation changes and manage several different materials that would produce a graceful and cohesive appearance.

Another issue the crew faced was not having access to large machines since the method for entering and exiting was through a three-foot side gate. Due to the gate’s small size, this required everything to be excavated, moved, and built by hand only.

Some of the other daunting tasks included removing a large tree with an eight-foot diameter and moving a 2,200-pound eight-foot concrete mantel, which required eight men to complete this task.

Photo: Designscapes Colorado, Inc.

The materials and plants that were selected were specifically chosen with the intention to blend together the client’s refined taste with their existing home. Accordion-style windows had been put in the home, which allowed the interior to become a part of the outdoor space. To create this outdoor space, various materials including, board-formed concrete, ipe decking and corten aged steel, were used.

The plant materials were selected to form a xeriscape, with low water usage, and to include seasonal color and variety. The crew used yellow grove bamboo, a mixture of grasses, and hydrangeas to blanket the serene landscape and have the ability to create a lush and green look.

A stainless-steel water feature, as well as a concrete retaining wall, was placed in to create a variety of elevations in the yard, to separate each space while keeping it open.

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