Landscape of the Month: A Modern Estate by Hoffman Landscapes

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Landscape of the Month: A Modern Greenwich Estate by Hoffman Landscapes

Hoffman Landscapes

The outdoor space of a beautiful estate had been languishing under a lack of proper attention for some time. Before Hoffman Landscapes took over maintenance, their client’s property was subject to incorrect pruning, services not being performed in a timely manner, insect and disease issues and poor communication over multiple providers.

“The homeowner could see her vision was structurally there, but was suffering from a horticulture standpoint,” says Michael O. Hoffman, president of Hoffman Landscapes.

Hoffman Landscapes took over property maintenance. Immediately things began to change.

Hoffman Landscapes Modern Greenwich Estate: From Mismanaged to Marvelous

The homeowner wanted to keep clean, straight lines and wanted the structure of her landscape to be impeccably manicured year-round. She employed Hoffman Landscapes in 2017 to execute a comprehensive maintenance plan, including weekly mowing, irrigation, bed care, fine gardening, seasonal cleanups, new planting installation and renovation, hardscape maintenance, seasonal decor, and a complete plant health care program.

“The landscape design is very formal, yet flows very naturally, which makes the property unique,” Hoffman says. “Our work on this property is also special because of the client herself. Very rarely do we come across a client this involved, even to the point of working side-by-side with the perennial care team. It makes a world of difference to have a client who truly enjoys the landscape. We absolutely love working with her.”

The estate sits on a 3.3 acre lot. This includes meticulously shaped Hawthorn trees along the driveway and crisp Boxwood hedging throughout the property. A Zen garden featuring a dozen Shademaster Honeylocust trees provides a peaceful respite over a gravel terrace. The hedges, trimmed to a sharp, perfect right angle line the shrubbery and tree beds for a monochromatic contrast of textures. The hardscapes’ color palette complements the main house’s castle-like facade — simple, yet pleasing to the eye.

Hoffman Landscapes Modern Greenwich Estate: Navigating Challenges

The home is part of a private community with strict time constraints as to when the Hoffman Landscapes team can be in the neighborhood. They have to be extremely efficient with each visit to get everything done in their allowed time. Irrigation management is also a challenge. Hoffman Landscapes team members are constantly balancing the needs of plants and turf with system constraints and water use restrictions in the area.

Hoffman Landscapes
Hoffman Landscapes team receiving their NALP Awards of Excellence Judges Award from Caterpillar’s John Janes at LANDSCAPES 2019.

“Possibly our biggest challenge lately has been a very high prevalence of Boxwood Blight throughout this region, which has made Boxwood care in 2019 much more complicated than it was in the past,” Hoffman says. “To combat the spread of Boxwood Blight, hand pruning has been combined with shearing, irrigation has been converted from spray to drip, and all tools are disinfected prior to arriving on site and again in between planting areas.”

The Hoffman Landscapes team took on aspects of property care in June of 2017 and have added to their list of responsibilities every season since.

“Our work here is ongoing and will never truly be complete,” Hoffman says. “Through interaction with not only the property, but the client, our understanding of both has deepened and we are able to be proactive with many issues.”