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Landscape Companies Can Benefit From a Mobility and Stretch Routine

Implementing a mobility and stretch routine at your company can help your business and employees on a number of different levels.

Body activation

Starting the day off with a mobility and stretch routine can help employees prepare for the day ahead by activating their bodies before physical activity. Creating consistency with the program will allow them to increase flexibility and improve body awareness over time.


Supervisors will have the opportunity to observe their crew members as they perform the stretch routine, which can help them identify anyone who seems to be having difficulty getting through the program. This will allow the supervisor a chance to speak with the employee before they leave for the day to go work and address any issues they might have.


This is somewhat subjective, but I believe a company that performs a mobility and stretch routine is also displaying a level of professionalism both inward-facing to your employees and outward to the customers you serve.
Developing the right program for your company is critical.

Based on your operations and historical injuries, create a program that fits your business.

Make sure enough time is allotted for the program to be effective. Too little time will make it rushed, making it hard to receive any of the benefits.

If you’re starting a program from scratch make sure the schedule is achievable, starting out small and working to something more is much more manageable.

Operations change so injury trends can change as well. Always be open to adjusting your program.


  • Use the stretch time to also communicate safety and job-related messages.
  • Make it fun. Some companies play music to make the experience more enjoyable.
  • Recognize employees. Taking the opportunity to recognize employees’ birthdays, anniversaries with the company, accomplishments, or positive client feedback.

For a sample mobility and stretch program, go here.

NALP’s safety programs are produced in partnership with Rancho Mesa.

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