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How Do People Talk About Being Landscape Industry Certified?

Customers say certifications and accreditations are one of the top things they look for when choosing a provider. If you are Landscape Industry Certified, it is important to tout your achievement and let customers and potential employers know what it means and why it is important.

Here are some of the ways that people talk about what being Landscape Industry Certified means:

    • COMPETENT — I have passed an exam demonstrating a mastery of skills and relevant knowledge to perform my job effectively. I send the message that I have been evaluated against standards of practice that other subject matter experts and practitioners believe is necessary for competent practice in my profession.
    • COMPETITIVE — By earning and maintaining my designation, I show that I understand how to stay ahead in my career, and how to take responsibility for my own professional development.
    • COMMITTED — I invested time and preparation to earn my credential, and I maintain my active status through continuing education that qualifies for biannual recertification. Staying current with industry changes is important, especially in this dynamic field.

People who are certified, tell their clients that they are:

      • PROFESSIONAL — I have taken my experiences, skills, and desire for excellence to the next level by studying, testing, and becoming certified. I represent an elite group, demonstrating a commitment to technical expertise and industry knowledge to better serve you and your needs.
      • PROFICIENT — I have been evaluated against a set of skills and knowledge that demonstrates competent practice in my profession and I maintain my certification through continuing education. My up-to-date, ongoing education on current trends and techniques enhances my ability to improve your property.
      • PREFERRED — Hiring a Landscape Industry Certified professional gives you peace of mind in knowing that you are choosing someone with a distinguished level of professionalism and technical knowledge to care for your exterior or interior landscape. I take my profession seriously and that is reflected in the quality of my work.

Landscape Industry Certified professionals can access marketing materials, logos and more – Landscape Industry Certified toolkit. Only active Landscape Industry Certified individuals have access to the secure toolkit link using their username/password. Check your certification in the Landscape Industry Certification Search Tool.

Learn more about Landscape Industry Certification online, or contact NALP at 800-395-2522 or