How to Use to Solve Labor Challenges

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How to Use to Solve Labor Challenges

When it comes to hiring lawn care and landscape professionals, job boards are one of the important ways companies are searching for qualified applicants. While there are many boards that showcase a variety of professions, we also have an industry-specific board available through NALP.

Launched just under three years ago, the board has seen steady postings with a 200 percent increase in applicants year over year. NALP hopes to see that continue to grow. The idea has always been to provide the industry with a centralized job board that would be all-encompassing. is a Free Resource

Brian Dominik, director of talent development for Bland Landscaping Co. Inc. in Apex, North Carolina, says he’s used the board to post several different jobs. And he’s received 25 applicants so far.

“It’s free and I can tell you we spend a ton of money on various other websites. So the fact that it’s free is really appreciated,” Dominik says. “Even if I only got one applicant—it was free.” is Quick & Easy to Use

Jason Navon of Rossen Landscape in Great Falls, Virginia, says the board is quick and easy to use. It’s also the lowest cost option of all the other job boards they post to right now. While basic posts are free, it only costs between $5 and $15 for upgrades such as moving the posting to the top of the board.

“I like that the board is a concentrated community of only landscape professionals,” says Navon. “That will ideally get us more qualified and relevant candidates.”

According to Jenn Myers, senior director of workforce development for NALP, there’s been a concerted effort to keep the job board easy-to-use, inexpensive, and open to anyone—NALP member or not. It’s another way that NALP is looking to support the green industry’s labor challenges.

“In every type of outreach that we do—whether it’s our #WhyILandscape channels on social media, outreach to schools and students, or ad placements in trade magazines—we are always linking back to this job board,” Myers shares. “We are constantly pushing eyes to our careers site, so it’s definitely a place that industry professionals should consider posting.” Sees Growing Numbers

In the last few months, close to 81,410 people have visited the career site as a whole and 26,829 have visited the job board.

“It’s growing,” Myers says. “And I think it’s going to continue to grow.”

As echoed by Dominik and Navon, Myers says the board is easy-to-use when it comes to creating an employer account and posting your listing.

“Once you’ve created that account, you will have a dashboard where you can view all of your jobs,” she adds. “And once a posting expires, you can renew it instead of having to re-enter it. I think as we continue to partner with other associations and expand, we’ll see more use of this job board.”