House Appropriations Members Extend H-2B Returning Worker Exemption - The Edge from the National Association of Landscape Professionals

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House Appropriations Members Extend H-2B Returning Worker Exemption

As a result of consistent pressure by landscape professionals and other H-2B stakeholders, last week the House Appropriations Committee adopted an amendment to extend the returning worker exemption (RWE) to the H-2B legal immigrant guest worker program for fiscal year 2017. The groundswell of grassroots support exhibited by H-2B supporters was needed to offset the estimated 29,000 faxes supporters of NumbersUSA, the nation’s largest immigration reduction organization, sent to Congress in the days leading up to the vote.

The inclusion of the RWE in the House Appropriations 2017 Department of Homeland Security budget bill is a crucial victory, and without the favorable vote it is unlikely that Congress would act this year to extend the provision. However, we still have a long path to go to get the returning worker exemption and other regulatory relief signed into law. We are also likely to face aggressive and continued opposition on both ends of the political spectrum with NumbersUSA attacking the right and pro-labor union groups attacking the left.

NALP will continue to keep you apprised of any developments and will send alerts when member engagement and grassroots contact is needed. If you would like to learn more about what’s next with H-2B, or have any questions, please contact NALP Vice President of Government Relations Paul Mendelsohn.