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Help Needed with the Farm Bill

The farm bill working it’s way through Congress provides us with a rare opportunity for regulatory reform that would address several challenges many landscape professionals face when providing services. It contains many beneficial provisions such as language that would ensure that pesticides are regulated at the Federal and State level ONLY, eliminate the duplicative NPDES permit requirement for pesticide use near water, and mandate that our federal rules related to pesticide use are taken into consideration when making regulatory decisions associated with the endangered species act. The regulatory reform provisions contained in the farm bill would have a significant impact on the way we do business and eliminate many of the current ways that the federal government provides unneeded obstacles to our ability to provide services. Unfortunately, environmental activists are already trying to get these beneficial provisions removed. We need to counter that effort and make sure that our professional interests are recognized and considered! Take a minute today, and use the NALP Member Advocacy Center to contact your Representative in support of the Farm Bill today!