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H-2B Workforce Coalition Seeking Your Stories

NALP and our partners in the H-2B Workforce Coalition are working to educate Congress and the administration on the importance of H-2B cap-relief. This effort is particularly important right now as we advocate for the Department of Homeland (DHS) Security to issue much needed additional work visas. Right now, we are looking for your help explaining to DHS that there are disastrous economic consequences for your business, your American workers and the economy if DHS does not act quickly. You can help NALP and other members of the H-2B Workforce Coalition by doing the following: 

Record a short (up to one-minute video) that includes the name and location of your business and the consequences to your business and your domestic workforce if you do not get H-2B workers soon. This can be a simple statement recorded on a cell phone while sitting in your office or out in the field. You can also ask your U.S. workers to record a short video too. Send them to Laurie Flanagan at lflanagan@dclrs.com and she will post the videos on the H-2B Workforce Coalition Facebook page. Thanks for your help and as always if you have any questions about H-2B, contact Paul Mendelsohn.