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Cheryl Claborn Celebrating 30 Years at NALP

NALP Membership Director Cheryl Claborn started her career at the association 30 years ago as an office assistant at the legacy association PLCAA. We recently celebrated Cheryl’s incredible career with the association with a party at NALP.

We asked Cheryl a few questions about her career at the association.

We know you are a Jack of all trades, what types of positions you have had over the years at the association?

I started out doing the data entry, mailings, etc. for PLCAA. I also helped out answering phones, and worked in the membership department by processing dues payments and produced monthly membership reports. I also worked closely with the events team and processed registrations, badges, and reports for our annual conference. From there, I moved into the finance department handling accounting and financial statements. Just prior to the merger of ALCA and PLCAA, I started selling exhibit space for the GIE trade show.  When GIE merged with EXPO in 2007, I’ve help various positions within PLANET, including working with the Foundation, Accredited Schools, safety, advertising sales, and finally circling back to where I first started…membership.

What do you like best about your job?

That’s an easy answer…developing relationships with the members! I’ve been fortunate to have met some of the best people and have developed many personal friendships with the members and staff. I’ve known some of the staff for 25+ years and have gotten to know their families as well. I’ve gone through the good and bad times with them and consider them an extension of my family. I will cherish these memories forever.

What do you like best about the association or its members?

The association has been very good to me and has utilized my talents in many areas and I greatly appreciate that. Our members are some of the friendliest and most genuine people and are easy to get to know. I feel honored to know them and it’s my pleasure to serve them on a daily basis.

What type of impact do you hope you have made over the last 30 years?

Those that know me understand that I laugh at most everything! I remember in my early years when I answered the phones, people said I always answered the phone with a smile and cheerful voice and it would show through on the other end. I hope my positive attitude and funny spirit shows and has brightened up a member’s day. Laughter really is the best medicine. A co-worker once wrote to me that Cheryl has the best laugh on the PLANET (when we were PLANET.) haha!

Any memorable/favorite work related memories?

There are so many memories, it’s difficult to list them as a favorite. One of my favorite memories was my 25th work anniversary celebration when the staff surprised me! I still have all the personal notes everyone wrote me and I occasionally pull them out and read again to remind me how lucky I am to have such great friends in the workplace. Another time was the last GIE show in Columbus, Ohio, before we merged with OPEI. I went to my first professional hockey game and hung out with some great friends.

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