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Betsy Demoret, Retiring After 25 Years

If you’ve been to an NALP, PLANET, or PLCAA event in the last 25 years, then you have definitely seen or been helped by Betsy Demoret.  With a big smile and lots of energy, Betsy has been a bit of a “den mother” to many staff and members. She loves to stay behind the scenes, so we are pretty sure she will be uncomfortable with the attention – but we can’t let her retire without saying a few words.

Betsy started her career with PLCAA in 1992 when she became the receptionist at their office in Marietta, Georgia, where the small staff and the membership where like a family. She soon transitioned to the events department where her boundless energy came in handy as she helped plan and manage hundreds of events and meetings over the years.

She worked on GIC and GIE with the staff and members of ALCA, where she got to know Joan Haller, who was then the events manager at ALCA.  Little did she know at the time, that the two associations would merge and she would work with Joan for the next 12 years.

One of the things she is proudest of in her years at the association, is watching Renewal and Remembrance grow from its start in the 90’s, with a few members working in the freezing cold, in February, at Arlington National Cemetery, to the signature event it has become today with nearly 500 participants. She has loved watching members’ children grow up over the years. She watched them go from, in some cases, strollers, to tagging along with their parents, to becoming key volunteers and champions of the event.

Betsy (left), with Phil Fogarty (middle), and Joan Haller (right)

She said that working with the R&R committee has also been a highlight she notes that they are one of the hardest working and most dedicated teams she has had the pleasure of working with.

While she loves the break-neck pace of events like LANDSCAPES, she is ready to spend more time with her husband Sam; her children Anna and Michael; and her grandchildren Asher, Beckett, Everly, Sam and Elle.

While she says that what she will miss most are the friends she has made on the NALP staff and in the membership, we will definitely miss her more!

Betsy will retire on March 10.




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