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August Recess Presents Advocacy Opportunities

Every year Members of Congress return home for a month of district activity called “August Recess.” There is a wide range of activities that NALP members can engage in during August Recess that may have great potential to capture the hearts and minds of your elected officials. We encourage all landscape professionals to take action during this crucial five-week congressional summer break by meeting with your Members of Congress in the district before they return to Washington DC on September 5.

The August recess is especially important this year because Congress has yet acted on key policy decisions that directly impact many landscape professionals. The fate of issues such as the H-2B returning worker exemption, pesticide permitting requirements, and product regulatory review will all likely be addressed this Fall.

If you attended NALP’s recent Legislative Days on the Hill event, the August recess provides a great way to follow-up with your federal elected officials or their staff back in the state or district. And if you haven’t been to our Annual legislative conference and wish to get more involved in advocacy, now is a great time to do so. Here are just a few ways that landscape professionals can Take Action During the August Recess:

  • Invite your Representative and Senators to your business site. Show them what your operation entails, how your company operates and what your employees do on a daily basis. On-site tours are a great way for lawmakers to meet you and your employees, hear about your company’s success and see first-hand how their votes impact your business.
  • Meet with your elected officials and their staff at one of the official’s district offices so that you can discuss the legislative priorities with them face to face. Such meetings are extremely beneficial and are often more effective than similar meetings on Capitol Hill. That is because the official or staff likely have larger blocks of time to delve into issues and aren’t as likely to be interrupted by the hectic and, often, unpredictable daily schedule that they face in Washington DC.
  • Attend a town hall or other local event hosted by a member of Congress. These meetings may not be heavily attended and it is another way for you to speak with your elected officials.

If you need help setting up an appointment or have any questions on how you can get more involved in NALP advocacy, contact Paul Mendelsohn.